Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Detroit Lions hire Dick Jauron as interim head coach! Is everyone in Chicago still laughing?
Here's the White Sox free agent report thus far:
BREAKING NEWS!!! And more importantly, great news for White Sox fans! Paul Konerko has resigned with the Sox. If reports are true, Paulie turned down more money from the Orioles to stay on the South Side. Good for Paulie! With the signing of Thome and Konerko, Frank Thomas will probably not be back with the Sox, unless he is willing to take on a much reduced role and a much reduced salary. Here's the story from the White Sox:
Apparently B-baller Ruben Patterson and his agent have learned nothing from the Terrell Owens situation:

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

In case you were wondering what happens to college cheerleaders after graduation (no, this is not a joke about Carolina Panthers cheerleaders), according to an article in November 28th's New York Times, they become drug company sales reps! You got to love this line from the article: "Anyone who has seen the parade of sales representatives through a doctor's waiting room has probably noticed that they are frequently female and invariably good looking. Less recognized is the fact that a good many are recruited from the cheerleader ranks." So next time your doctor presribes Prevacid for you, you might what to inquire if it is because the Prevacid sales rep is a former University of Kentucky cheerleader.
On this cold late November morning, just remember this- the WHITE SOX are still WORLD SERIES CHAMPS!!!

Monday, November 28, 2005

This week's K-Line Top 5 College Basketball ranking:

1. UConn
2. Texas
4. Louisville
5. Gonzaga

Honorable Mention: Bucknell
The Detroit Lions have fired head coach Mariucci. While I can understand firing the head coach, how can Matt Millen, who hired the last two head coaches keep his job? Isn't he as much to blame as the head coach, if not more?

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The White Sox have traded Aaron Rowand and two minor leaguers for Jim Thome.
My good friend, who for purposes of his blog goes by the moniker "HM", has much more on the T. O. Arbitration ruling. Check his blog at Like him, I am ecstatic that the arbitrator upheld the decision. It is encouraging to see a coach win out over a malcontent player, which is why I applaud the Portland Trailblazers suspension of Ruben Patterson for "mouthing-off" to his coach about a lack of playing time. For those of you out there, and I know there are plenty, who dislike T.O.'s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, you have to love this ruling. Not only was Rosenhaus not able to renegotiate T.O.'s contract, but his player-client has lost money. Since T.O. is "playing" under his old contract, negotiated by T.O.'s former agent, Rosenhaus has not made a penny from representing T.O., unless he has negotiated some endorsement deals for T.O. that I am not aware of. Actually, T.O.'s former agent, at least in theory, may have a cause of action against Rosenhaus for costing him money. T.O. has lost about $800,000 durign his suspension and his previous agent is now out about 3% of that $800,000. Most NFL agents out there will always align with the NFLPA and root for a players' interest, but a good number of them are elated that Drew Rosenhaus got his you know what handed to him.
Good news! An arbitratior has upheld the Eagles' suspension of Terrel Owens. More on this soon:

Thursday, November 10, 2005

I feel awful for having neglected my throngs of readers the past few days. But I am confident that each have been keeping abreast of current developments involving Carolina Panthers cheerleaders, Terrell Owens coupled with my fellow Duke Law graduate, Drew Rosenhaus. For now, I simply offer you today's special birthday girls:
1) Vanessa Angel; and Brittany Murphy

Monday, November 07, 2005

It is okay to be a fan of both the Cubs and the White Sox, at least if you are a celebrity:
One of the most overrated actresses in Hollywood, in my humble opinion, has found another way to stay in the public eye: