Friday, February 23, 2007

Kudos to for this headline and story: "Major upset: No. 15 Butler clipped by Loyola!" Oh yeah, Kudos also on the Swimsuit Model Photo Gallery

Since you cannot trust everything that's on the internet, I am not sure if these two rumors are true, but in any case: 1) Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley reportedly committed suicide; 2) Nick Cannon is one lucky SOB, as it is being reportedly that he married Victoria's Secret Model Selita Ebanks (in my humble opinion, a huge step up from Cannon's former flame, sex tape star Kim Kardasian) in Las Vegas!! Not only does he get a Supermodel, but he must be floating in boatloads of money from "Drumline" residuals which can be found on TBS, TNT, BET, HBO or some other channel almost any time, any day! So, do you think that Cannon, Ebanks, Tom Brady and Giselle hang out together and have pool parties?

Happy time! First, the Loyola Ramblers defeat the Butler Bulldogs (@ Butler! the only other team to accomplish that this season is SIU) for win #20! Ah, all we need is an Alfredrick Hughes sighting! First Ramblers victory over a ranked opponent since 1986 (over the Illini!) Second, the Blue Devils get their 21st win, defeating Clemson (albeit Duke played an awful second half). Even the Bulls got a big win, taking care of the Cavs!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Just in case I decide to give up "Tim Hardaway posts" for Lent, I thought I should get this one in today.

Happy Paczki Day! Enjoy the decadence and gluttony of Fat Tuesday as you decide what to give up for Lent. And a reminder that whatever you give up for Lent has to constitute a sacrifice, so Daddy3dog, giving up FFM threesomes for Lent does not count!!
XM and Sirius Radio to merge? If the merger happens, does this mean that Howard Stern will stop ripping on XM? Does this mean that now I will get MLB in addition to the NFL plus ACC sports!!?
In a move that will make HM happy, ESPN has fired Michael Irving. The best part of the article is Irving's comment that he wants to focus on his acting career!! Ah, okay!,1,2822525.column?coll=cs-college-print

Friday, February 16, 2007

Tim Hardaway hates these "people'!

My Illini friends have asked for suggestions for a possible replacement for the Chief! So far we have: Barney, Mr. Green jeans, and, Tank Johnson. Any suggestions?
Chicago sports-radio legend (and briefly local sports TV legend) Chet Choppick was attacked by a drunken cheesehead yesterday.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The rich get richer? Looks like Arkansas' loss is USC's gain. Former Arkansas quarterback Mitch Mustain, heavily recruited coming out of high school, is strongly considering transferring to USC.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I believe that model Tori Praver is making her first appearance in the SI Swimsuit Issue, i.e., a rookie model. Hopefully we will be seeing a lot more of her!

Victoria Secret Model, Selita Ebanks is one of the ladies in the SI Swimsuit issue. It is so great that this falls under the category of Sports, so I don't feel guilty for focusing entirely on this "issue!"

Todd Bozeman turns himself in to police and appears in court! How proud Morgan State must be of its head basketball coach?

It is cold and sunny in the Mid-West, which can only mean one thing! It is time to get ready for the SI Swimsuit issue. The ubiquitous Beyonce graces this year's cover. I will provide you with at least one SI model preview per day until this issue hits the newstand or I recieve my copy in the mail, whichever is later. Back to Beyonce for a moment- looking at some of the pictures of Beyonce, I can't help but think that she looks like Tyra Banks looked back when Tyra was actually hot!!! I would be willing to bet that Beyonce will not ballon into the annoyance that Tyra has become.

For some reason, this picture puts me in a better mood for Valentine's Day! Maybe it is the color-red!?

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Chicago Weather- lots of snow, cold, just generally icky weather. In order to stay sane- need to think of things like warm weather, beaches, bikinis.....
Bye, bye Marty! Maybe San Diego actually wins a playoff game now! Then again, no Marty, no Cam Cameron, and no Wade Phillips! So who will coach the Chargers now- Norv Turner? Ron Rivera? Well, at least this webmaster is happy:

Monday, February 12, 2007

What a view?!

Duke falls out of the ESPN/USA Today Top Twenty-five. It is appropriate that Duke has dropped to the #26 spot, the same spot that Tyra Banks occupies on the Top 100 Most Desireable Women- as both have dropped like a dead-weight from their usual lofty positions! Frankly I am shocked that anyone who has seen a recent picture of Tyra or seen any of her talk show (even if it is just snippets on "The Soup") would place her as high as #26. Then again, seeing as much of Duke as I have this year, the Blue Devils are lucky to be as high as #26.

Friday, February 09, 2007

The ugly world of college football recruiting.
It seems like this year there are more and more accusations about cheating. Ron Zook is not too happy about allegations that he must be cheating, because why would any football player want to go to a farm school in the middle of nowhere!
Now Pete Carroll is facing accusations of improper recruiting by USC.

The Fighting Illini! Ron Zook- a great recruiter or another Mike White?

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Vikings hire Leslie Frazier, defensive back on the 85 Bears, as defensive coordinator. Probably the only thing that did not go right for the Bears in Super Bowl XX (besides Walter Payton not scoring a TD) was the career-ending injury suffered by Leslie Frazier.
With Valentine's day approaching, here's a suggestion- you may want to stop by the gym before you see your lady and work up a real good sweat!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Kim Kardasian Sex Tape!!
Does anyone in Hollywood NOT have a sex tape?!
Her wikipedia post may be deleted, so if you are interested, don't delay!

NBA All-Star Slam Dunk Contest. Remember when the slam dunk contest was a great event and you actually watched it! Well this year there are 4 players in the slam dunk contest! I'm not sure what has had a bigger fall from grace- the slam dunk contest as an event or Tyra Banks!

Killer Astronaut. You gotta giver here some credit for her determination and focus, as she wore "astronaut diapers" so she wouldn't have to make any bathroom stops during her 900 mile car trek!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

UIC Badger will be glad to know that model Linda O'Neil is keeping busy. Among other things she posed for this ad for some show on E! called "High Maintenance 90210".

Crappy weather in Chicago, again! Cold and snowy. Think positive- think of warm weather, beaches, sunshine........

Monday, February 05, 2007

Now I know whose fault it was!!!

College basketball coach Todd Bozeman is in trouble AGAIN! That's what you get for hiring scum. Bozeman coached at Cal-Berkeley where he "recruited" Jason Kidd, among others, but then as banned for EIGHT years by the NCAA for paying recruits.
Hired recently at Morgan State University, Bozeman was not happy with the ham sandwiches prepared for his team and took matters into his own hands!

College Basketball Top Twenty-Five! Thanks to a loss by UNC, the Badgers are able to land at the #4 spot as I earlier predicted. Butler cracks the top ten, at # 9, while Duke falss to the Kate Beckinsale slot (#16). With UNC on the horizon, the Blue Devils could lose a third straight game and possibly fall out of the top 25.
Pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training on Feb. 17th!!!

One thing this Super Bowl was missing- more ads and of course more Candice Michelle!

Crappy ending to a great season.

Friday, February 02, 2007

One more person picking the Bears.

SUPER BOWL PREDICTION TIME!! In yesterday's mail I received my USA Sports Weekly. Out of 12 "experts", 10 picked the Colts to win (most picking Peyton Manning to win the MVP). The 2 that picked the Bears both picked Devin Hester to be the games' MVP. What do we always hear?- that DEFENSE wins championship! Alright the Bears D might not be as stellar as it was early in the season with Pro Bowlers Tommie Harris and Mike Brown gone, but c'mon you cannot make a straight faced argument that the Colts defense is better than the Bears D. On the radio earlier today I heard someone state that the Bears better not try to "smash mouth " the Colts, because the Colts are based on speed!! Hello, has this expert watched the Bears at all since 1985! Lovie Smith emphasis on both sides of the ball has been speed! How about special teams? C'mon its the Bears! QB- CLEARLY Peyton. So what? If Peyton is able to win this one all by himself then put him the Joe Montana, Tom Brady category. Hey, at some point I got to be a fan.
Win or lose it has been an incredible season. Hopefully the Defense will dominate like it should. Oh, what the heck- Bears 24, Colts 10. MVP: Urlacher!!!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

A shot of Inez Sainz from Super Bowl Media Day.
Go Bears!!

It is still too early for me to make my Super Bowl pick (per my post-season routine, that will be done on Friday), it is time to lay some of the groundwork. And please, despite my stellar 9-1 post season record, do not use my pick to make any bets on the game (see how masterfully I work in this wonderful picture of "AA"!!). The Colts appears to be a huge favorite int he game, not only with a 7 point spread, but just like with New Orleans, the vast majority of experts are picking the Colts. So the national media LOVES Manning which is most of them want the Colts to win, but when did this Colts team become the Pittsburgh Steelers of the '70s? Yeah, the Bears were inconsistent but is everyone forgetting that the Colts lost to Dallas, Jacksonville, Tennessee and Houston!! The media is raving about the Colts' offensive line and how underrated it is. Okay, how about the Bears' offensive line. I have heard several media members states that the Colts TE Dallas Clark will be the difference in the game. Okay, except that I saw another report that someone calculated which defense was the best at defending against a tight end- the answer: The Bears!! Oh yeah, one more thing- it appears to be the year of the Gators- national champs in both football and hoops. Rex Grossman- a Gator!!!
So I guess that the Niners don't care if Mike Singletary gets the Dallas Cowboys job!! If you wnated to keep Singletary, then wouldn't you promate him to defensive coordinator. Hopefully Singletary will get the Dallas job or if Dallas hire Ron Rivera, as has been recently rumored then Singletary could come back to Chicago as defensive cordinator for the Bears!!

One time great Oklahoma wishbone quarterback, seems to have gotten himself into trouble once again.
Wikipedia lists Thompson as a businessman and motivational speaker (hopefully some people are not confusing him with J.C. Watts!).