Friday, August 31, 2012

Sports Weekend

1. Michigan v. Alabama. Yeah, Bama has to totally reload its defense. But until proven otherwise I got to go with the SEC over the Big Ten. In fact it it always safe to go against the Big Ten. Bama by6

2. Michigan State- Boise State: See above. Don't put too much faith in the Big Ten, it will disappoint you.

3. Tigers- White Sox. Yep, big weekend for these teams. There is more pressure on the Tigers than the White Sox. With a 3 game lead the worst the White Sox can exit this series is ties for 1st. Win 1 or 2 games and the Sox can claim this as a very good weekend. Both teams come limping into this series. The White Sox vets, PK, Dunn and AJ need to step it up. AJ is currrently on a 0-17 skid. Peavy, Liriano and Sale on the mound.

In any case, it's another couch potato weekend. Could use a waitress/maid.

Big Baseball Weekend

Thursday, August 30, 2012

White Sox Update!!

In First Place with a 3 game lead, the White Sox still have to make moves-relying on what some "experts" call the worst farm system in baseball. Youk is banged-up and needs a rest (o-Dog still on the DL) so, yesterday's winner Axelrod goes back to the minors for Jose Lopez. J-Lo gets the start at 3rd while Tyler Flowers goes home to be a family man. (Good for him!)

According to Wikipedia:
The paternity leave list may be used when a player finds it necessary to leave the team to attend the birth of his child. A player placed on the paternity leave list must miss the next team game, but no more than three games. The team can use another player from its 40-man roster to replace a player on the paternity leave list. This list was adopted beginning with the 2011 season.

 Hector Gimenez has been called up to be the back-up catcher.

Today's game is a 11:30 am CT start. Will be grabbing an early lunch or maybe we'll call it brunch!

Sox Win. But Baseball is a Funny Game!

So on Tuesday, the White Sox have their ace, Chris Sale on the mound. Sale gets rocked, out before the end of 5 and the White Sox lose. Wednesday, Dylan Alexrod is called up from the minors, pitches 7 plus giving up 3 hits earning the White Sox winner.
Baseball is a funny game!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Not Sure If I Like or Hate this Video

Leaning towards hate.

Stay Classy, Buckeyes!!

T-shirts from Buckeyes' fans. Got to think that this is not sanctioned by the school, right!?

Need the White Sox To Get A Winning Streak

so I can post pictures of babes again!!
And yes I will consider 2 in a row a winning streak.

If I Am Gonna Praise AJ When He Does Good..

then I gotta call him out when he ain't so good.
AJ hasn't had a hit since 8/21 versus the Yankees (basically missed 2 games in that time), with his batting average going from .299 to .288. Defensively, he has been back to the ol' AJ of earlier year who can't throw out a base-stealer unless it's Jim Thome or  yours truly running the bases!!
Hey, it's a long season and every one slumps, but right now, AJ is not playing well, plain and simple.

Red Sox Interested In Mauer?


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sox Lose. Lead Down to 2

It's getting closer!

Ramblers Ready For Some Success?

From ESPN:
The Horizon League is desperate for good news after the abrupt departure of Butler to the A-10. Loyola (Ill.) returned from an Italy trip with some dramatic uptick in numbers. The Ramblers averaged a meager 57.2 points a game last season but on a 4-1 trip they averaged 82.3 points a game. The Ramblers also hadn’t had a player average five assists a game since 2003. But Iowa transfer Cully Payne handed out 9.3 assists in the four games. Porter Moser is hoping to see a turnaround and the indication is that this trip may give the Ramblers the necessary bounce.

Why Was This Show Cancelled?

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Five Wins In A Row for the White Sox!!

The brilliance of AJ! He knew that his back-up had a HR in him, so he got himself ejected in the 3rd, replaced by Tyler Flowers who indeed hit a home run.
Once again. i't not easy to beat the opposing team and a crappy ump behind the plate but the White Sox found a way to fight back.

White Sox Ramblings

Win #69 for the White Sox last night (my nephew and his friends would find that very funny). Not bad for a team that SI predicted would win 67 games!
Yeah, Robin may have over-managed the bullpen last night (easy to say in hind-sight) but he is still having a great rookie year as manager.
Hope to head to The Cell tonight (would be game #27 for me).
"Don't Stop Now Boys!"

Friday, August 24, 2012

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

White Sox Sweep the Yankees!!

Joe Girardi- Sore Loser!

If your team sweeps the Yankees, don't yell "Sweep" at Girardi. He's a sore loser.
Maybe, "Once A Cub, always a Cub!"

Watch Nick Swisher Hang From the Railing Like a D-Bag!!

Fan next to me at the game said the only thing that would have made that grand slam better would have been if it actually hit Swisher's glove and then fell in for a grand slam. Nothing better than having Nick Swisher feel like an idiot!

Another Cubbies Video!

This one forwarded to me by my brother, so I'm pretty much obligated to post it!
Not as Enjoyable as a White Sox series victory over the Yankees, but still enjoyable.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Monday, August 20, 2012

Congrats Big Donkey on #400!!

Here's to many more- with the White Sox!!

Three Losses in A Row to the Damn Royals!

Hopefully, it is nothing more than a bad series (although the Sox had their top 3 starters for that series-crap!!) and Youk and De Aza are ready for the Yankees series!!

Once A Southsider, always a Southsider!

Jenny returns home!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Friday, August 17, 2012

Three In A Row

for the White Sox. Paul Konerko should return tonight.
Don't stop now boys!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sad to Report That...,,20621646,00.html

Southsider Jenny McCarthy and Chicago Bear Brian Urlacher have split up per reports.

Brian better have treated Jenny right! Once a Southsider, always a Southsider, so of course we , at The K-Love still love Jenny!!

Sox Win Two In A Row!!!

ANother Home Run from ADam Dunn! Also HRs from DeWayne Wise and Dayan Viciedo.
And of course, "Nice job, Donnie!"

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Not A Good Sign For Bobby Valentine

This is the first time in a while that I can remember that this late into the season, no baseball manager has been fired (haven't researched the issue). But there will probably be some managers fired in the off season, and based on the above article, Bobby V  could very well be one of them.

Great Day for Birthdays!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Thursday, August 09, 2012

I Can't Wait!!

Two L's In A Row. Panic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

White Sox lose 2 in a row to the Royals and it's time to Panic!!!
Seriously, Some things to be concerned about:
1. PK with a mild concussion.Could go on the 7 Day DL.
2. Adam Dunn's BA sinking below the Mendoza Line (currently .206)!
3. No run support for Peavy or Q.

No game today so try to stay calm!!!

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Ripping Lolo Jones because she's a Virgin!!! Really!.

If you are ripping Lolo Jones because she is a virgin, well then you are an idiot- plain and simple.. (Imagine for a moment that's she's your daughter- isn't this a hell of alot better than if she was a slut!).

Look I'm not gonna applaud her for being a virgin and I am not gonna rip her. The fact that she is attractive, all the better!! But can we freaking separate sexual activity from athletic performance.?!

Another reason to not care about the Olympics!!