Thursday, June 28, 2007

Congrats to the Big Hurt for hitting Home Run #500! I wish he had done it in a White Sox uniform, but at least he will be wearign a White Sox cap when he gets into the Hall of Fame.

NBA Draft Tonight. That means that Atlanta is on the clock with the #3 pick (it is a forgone conclusion that Oden and Durrant are going #1-#2). So what happens with the #3 pick with determine the direction of the rest of the draft.

It's too bad but it seems that Hayden Panettiere is on her way to becoming the next Lindsay Lohan.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It is not so bad being 40!

Seven pitchers 40 years old or older are set to start in the major league today, including 44 year old Roger Clemons going for win #350! Demi Moore: also 44 years old!

So, Buerhle may be off the trading block and getting a new contract from the White Sox.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Just a gruesome story, as it appears that steroids may have been involved in wrestler Chris Benoit killing himself after he killed his wife and 7 year old son.
According to

"While the Sox have spoken with the Chicago White Sox about the availability of lefthander Mark Buehrle -- special assignment scout Allard Baird has been in Chicago and watched Buehrle pitch -- they are not close to making a deal, according to team sources. The Sox have no interest in parting with prospects such as outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury and pitcher Clay Buchholz, the types of prospects White Sox GM Kenny Williams almost certainly would seek in return."

Hey if the Red Sox don't want to part with prospects, then the hell with them. Trade Buehrle to the Yankees or some one else that will part with prospects. If not, keep Buerhle and re-sign him. Let's see how happy BoSox fans will be with Kason Gabbard in the rotation or worst, Buerhle as a Yankee!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Sizemore sentenced to 16 months in jail. I guess that means that the show "Saving Sizemore" will be cancelled

BREAKING NEWS: Bears waive Terry "Tank" Johnson.
With the NBA draft just days away, it is time to start looking closely on the Mock Drafts. Here's one that has Corey Brewer falling to the Bulls at #9.
Should the Red Sox trade fro Mark Buerhle?
Not according to Dennis Eckersley!

Friday, June 22, 2007

What is the big difference between the 2005 World Series White Sox and 2007 11 games under .500 White Sox? Well what about the unsung heroes of 2005- the middle relievers, most of whom had career years in '05. Check out these stats from 2005 (according to
Neal Cotts ERA 1.94
Cliff Politte ERA 2.00
Damaso Marte ERA 3.77
Luis Vizcaino ERA 3.73

While Cubs fans celebrate once again, I am going home to watch my 2005 World Series DVD yet again.

With all the sports-related post lately, how about Marissa Miller for the finish!


Because, unlike you, Mariotti, we are real sports fans!!! That's why in downtown today, works are wearing Cubs jerseys and Sox jerseys. Because if nothing else today we get to leave the office a little early on a beautiful summer afternoon and enjoy the national pastime with a great pitching match-up: Zambrano v. Buerlhe!!

Mariotti -you are an idiot!!!!,CST-SPT-jay22.article

Pacman Surrenders to Las Vegas authorities.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cubs trade Barrett for San Diego's Bowen!?! That sounds like a good trade. Now, what about Kobe?


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

White Sox-another blown save!!!
Just returned from watching another Sox loss. Oh well, at least I just saw one of the hottest Jessica Biel pictures that I have ever seen!
Peace out!

Hang Time!
It appears that two years as head coach at New Mexico State was enough for the Sacromento Kings to hire ex-Bull Reggie Theus as their new coach. Theus has come a long way from playing Coach Bill Fuller on the Saturday morning show, Hang Time. (Worse for the show, he was replaced by Dick Butkus playing an ex-Houston Rockets coach who decided to coach high school ball in Indiana). Still, Theus is not the most famous alum of Hang Time. Anthony Anderson starred as on of the players on the team. My recollection was that he played "Teddy" a chubby kid with outside range. Both HM and I are wondering what ever happened to the actress who played Julie, the team's point guard!

Barrett-He Gone!
Cubs trade Barrett (who Cubs fans loved LAST year!) to one of the best teams in baseball, the San Diego Padres for nothing!!!
So who is going to punch A. J. this weekend? D-Lee? Zambrano? Lou?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

NFL Offseason-Yuck!!

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell must be eagerly awaiting the start of the NFL season, or at the very least the start of training camp, because the offseason has been nothing but bad p.r.! Let just check out some on the NFL headlines since last Thursday.

Former NFL star (and current sports agent) Sean Jones is indicted on bank fraud charges as part of an alleged scheme to pocket portions of falsely inflated mortgage loans ( such like Tony and the gang on Sopranos !)
Packers LB Nick Barnett is arrested on battery charges.
1. Police want to question Pacman Jones concerning a shooting at an Atlanta Strip Club.
2. Trial set for 2006 Steeler LB Richard Siegler on felony charges of being a pimp! Huggy Bear would be proud!
3. Quincy Wilson is the 10th Bengal arrested in the last 14th months! 10th!!!!!!!!
4. Lavar Arrington injured in a motorcycle accident.
Browns Rookie Mike Mason arrested in a nightclub dispute.
And that doesn't even include the daily tribulations of Michael Vick!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Professional Athletes and Motorcycles!

Hey Pacman, I thought that an entourage was supposed to keep you out of trouble!?

Eva's friends have impossible standards!!
Okay, you are Eva Longoria, you are rich, beautiful and
famous (and you actually seem nice), but your girlfriends are nuts (or maybe jealous!). SOme of your friends don't like your hubby to be. Why!? Because he orders before you do in restaurants!!! Could it be that their standars are a little too high?! (But just in case, Eva, I will always let you order first and I will never be rude to waiters!) Reminds me of a scene from The American President when the Annette Benning character does not think she shoud be datign the President:
Sydney Wade: "Yeah... I gotta nip this in the bud. This has catastrophe written all over it."
Beth Wade: "In what language? Sydney, the man is the leader of the free world. He's brilliant, funny, handsome. He's an above-average dancer. Isn't it possible our standards are just a tad high?"

Friday, June 15, 2007

The DUKE Lacrosse stroy continues! Nifong states that he will resign as DA.

Too busy to post today. So enjoy HM's blog:
and enjoy the weekend!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Boomer, Sooner; Sooner, Boomer!
In honor of the biggest Oklahoma fan that I know, "Stinky", who is probably sitting at his favorite barstool at Harry Caray's at this very moment!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sorry that I have fallen so far BEHIND in my postings, I will try to SQUEEZE a few in.
1. It certainly looks like Joe Crede's days in a White Sox uniform are over unless he has a quick recovery from back surgery. The Sox, and especially Ozzie, are not too happy that Crede did not have his back surgery during the off season. Third-base is Josh Field's job to lose (unless Yankee fans boo A Rod out of the Bronx).
2. Cubs fans, how do you like Barrett now? Zambrano is 2-0 in last 2 starts without Barrett behind the plate. Then Barrett follows another dugout "incident" with an error at the plate that lets the winning run in. Alright be honest, who would you rather have behind the plate now- Barrett or A.J.
3. After last night's snooze-fest in Game 3 of the Finals, will anyone outside of Cleveland and San Antonio be watching Game 4?

Monday, June 11, 2007



In case you need a TV show to watch, these picks are from Spike TV's new award show, which I believe is on Wednesday night (check your local listings!!). I know that HM is a big fan of Awards' shows so I know he will be watching!!

I read Carol Sleazak, so you don't have to!!!

Carol is not too happy with Amanda Beard posing in Playboy ( I guess we can gladly assume that Carol will never pose in Playboy!) Here is another view on the topic.

Friday, June 08, 2007

The theme for the day appears to be crying. The K and other Sox fans crying every time Ozzie goes to the bullpen; Paris crying because her Mommy can't pay off the judge; and now Zambrano and Big Baby Barrett hug and make-up and shed tears!
"Mommy! Mommy!!"
The Simple Life Goes to Jail!;_ylt=AsLgwfbXtEIsWgzYNug9yx_BaMYA

Paris Hilton is in absolute tears as the White Sox bullpen gives up another run!?!
For the real story, check
It is a headline that we have already seen too often this season, and get ready to see it again and again. Yesterday's Sox loss was as depressing as any Sox game that I have seen in years (only Kelly Brook could help me get out of my depression!). This team was supposed to be a contender, but injuries, awful offensive seasons by Paulie and JD, and most importantly the double-digit bullpen has already transferred the phrase "Wait till next year" from the Northside to the Southside. The game was 1-1 when Ozzie pulled Contreras with 2 men on. A very winable game until Ozzie waves his fingers towards the bullpen. The common mantra of every team that faces the Sox this year is simple- "As long as we get to their bullpen, this game is ours!!" Sigh!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

To offset the fact that I posted a picture of a high school senior, unknowingly, I offer a picture of a beautiful woman over 40!!
ALLISON STOKKE- Legal, but getting unwanted attention!

Thanks to the alert from HM that this young starlet, while 18, is only a high school senior. A buzz has started on the internet in the last month or so about this soon to be University of Cal freshman, but she just doesn't want all the attention. Therefore, I will keep from posting any more pictures until she actually begins classes at Cal. But check out these links!

I am not a huge fan of auto shows and I have been told that Car Show models are usually not that hot (especially up close), but this lady, Mercedes, and her friends are certaintly a look up close!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Hottest Female Athlete?

All week long, I have been subjected to the constant and incessant babblings of an office mate proclaiming that Maria Sharapova is the "hottest female athlete in the world." Well Playboy contends that Amanda Beard is the Sexiest Female athlete. I would offer that Allison Stokke, a female pole vaulter (honestly, I had no idea that there was any such event, at least sanctioned by the NCAA!!) deserves serious consideration!

Quin "The Hair" Synder has returned to coaching!!!!!
(HM, how did you miss this story!?) Granted, Quin's new job is in the D-League, which begs the question: "If no one sees Quin coaching, is Quin really coaching?"