Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Working on Top TV Programs of 2012 List

Top Shows of 2011

Gonna be difficult to come up with 10 programs for 2012. Gotta take at least 2 shows off of last year's list.
Thinking back to last year's list, I should have had  Homeland at #1.

ACC Welcomes Louisville!

UConn and Cincinnati continues to beg ACC for an invite!

As a traditionalist and an old guy, not happy about Maryland leaving the ACC. But replacing the Terps with Louisville is a "win-win." Better football and basketball program than Maryland.

ACC Expansion- Louisville to Receive Invite?

Rumored that UConn and Cincinnati also want in.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Let College Athletes Major in Sports

Interesting article about letting college athletes major in Sports.

What's So Wrong With This Video?

Am I supposed to feel sorry for millionaire players for getting booed by their fans? I may be in the minority here, but I got no problems with the fans' reaction here. I didn't here any racial taunts, or anything about individual player (except complimentary stuff like- "Tebow save us."). So, these professional players had to hear their fans yell "You Suck" and "You are a disgrace." Big deal. Here's one time where I am on the side of Jets' fans.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Morning Ramblings

1. Bears- that was nice! Somehow back in first place in the NFC North. Interesting that when the Bears get trounced, it's- "that's the real Bears" but when the Packers get trounced, it's- "Oh, it's a bad game that happens to everyone, it means nothing." Ah, okay. Everyone in the NFC North lost this weekend except for the Bears.

2  Big Ten Championship will feature a 7-5 Wisconsin team. Nice job, Big Ten. Once the Big Ten suspended both Penn State and Ohio State, they should have realigned the Division. Here's hoping that Bucky lose the championship game and then loses it's Bowl game to finish at 7-7.

3. Some people are feeling sorry for Gene Chizik- really!! Poor guy is going to keep getting paid by Auburn to do nothing (which is pretty much what he did the last two years). The guy is an awful coach- some booster bought him Cam Newton and he wins the National Championship. Don't make him a good coach.

4.  No one has played the early season schedule that DUKE has- Kentucky, Louisville, Minnesota and VCU. Should be #1 or #2 in the polls right now.  Thankfully unlike college football, the champion in this sport will be determined by a playoff.

5. NIU- the best college football team in the state!! It look like the Illini hired the wrong MAC coach last season.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

PSA: You Might Want To Follow Vida Guerra on Twitter

Follow Vida Guerra

The only reason to follow attractive woman on Twitter is if they post hot pictures. If they occasionally tweet something funny, that's bonus. Unfortunately, most fail and are extremely boring to follow (Representative Tweet "I think I might have pizza for lunch." Really?! Who gives a damn). Vida appears to realize why men might want to follow her on twitter.

Hoping for the SI Cover Curse Two Weeks in a Row

Last week's cover- Kansas State.

Is The Big Ten Diluting Its Brand?

It's all about "brand name" with the Big Ten- that's way 14 teams or even more are still called the "Big Ten."
But maybe, just maybe, it's not the right move.
(Adding 4 to 10, equals Ten?)

Monday, November 19, 2012

More on Maryland and Big Ten Expansion

It's All About Garbage Time In Boston

Rajon Rondo Cares About His Stats

Belichick Really Likes to Score Points

Rondo was still in the game that the Celtics had no chance to win- simply to continue with his assists record.

Gronk was still in a game that the Patriots had no chance of losing. Now- injured. Nice, Belichick.

Both should have hit the showers early.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Maryland to the Big Ten?!

Len Elmore Rips His Alma Mater!

The ACC would survive Maryland leaving (remember the ACC is adding Syracuse and Pittsburgh- and if Maryland leaves the ACC could add UConn), but is this really a smart move for Maryland. Conference realignment is driven by money and football (not basketball) but what about Maryland's basketball rivalry. Yeah, Maryland is NOT Duke's basketball rival but can you tell me that Maryland fans don't love having Duke visit its campus for hoops?

Rutgers is the other school rumored to being leaving for the Big Ten. Yes another school abandoning the Big East. Good luck with that, Big East!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

"K, a Flash Mob?!"

As long as Kaley Cuoco is dancing and jumping around, I'll watch a flash mob!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Judge- Jenna Jameson Has To Pay Up

Jenna Jameson to go to show up in Chicago To Promote "Zombie Strippers" and too good to show up in Dupage Country Court- okay, in that case you have to pay $92,000.00.

Would really like to conduct that "Citation to Discover Assets."

Adult Actress Told-To-Pay-92000-for-missed-appearances-20121113_1_jenna-jameson-hollywood-palms-adult-film-actress

And that was nice, very nice!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Jenny McCarthy Motivates Me!!



And Tommy Tuberville......

(advance to about .40)

Hey TEG, really not trying to pick on Texas Tech, but c'mon!!!!

Morning Dose of K

1. Is Mike Leach, fired from Texas Tech because of his abusive coaching tactics, is now being accusedd of the same at Texas Tech
Marquess Wilson Leaves Washington State

2 Lakers go with Mike D'Antoni over Phil Jackson? Hoping HM can explain this one to me.

3. DUKE v. Kentucky tomorrow night. If the Blue Devils do not play markedly better than they did against Georgia State in its opener, this should be a fairly easy double digit victory for the Wildcats. Point Guard play looks like a weakness right now for Duke.

4. Da Bears- well that sucked. Even after 4 first half turnovers and losing Jay Culter at halftime, this was a very winnable game. If Jay is not cleared to play, can the Bears beat San Fran with Jason Campbell at QB?

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

RIP, Darrell Royal.

One of the all time greats in the history of the evolution of college football.  He mayor may not have invented the wishbone offense, but there was no doubt that he was influential in its place in college football.

Monday, November 05, 2012

RIP, Jim Durham.

Chicago Bears Fans -Good For the Economy

Certaintly a big help for Nashville bars- some of which ran out of beer because of Bears' fans. No word as to whether Nashville ran out of Polish Sausage or nachos!!

From Cheerleadiing to Broadcasting - Journalism At It's Best!!

And Surprise, Surprise Notre Dame Gets All the Breaks!!!

It was not only the extremely questionable pass interference call but ND was not called for an automatic 5 yard penalty on the Pitt missed field goal (some awful play calling by Pitt coach Paul Chryst leading up to that).

Still some Domer fans were complaining that ND was now 4th in the BCS standings. Lucky that you are 4th. ND may not be the 4th best team in the SEC. (Alabama, LSU, Georgia & Florida).

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Manti Te'o- Class On & Off The Field

For me to compliment a Notre Dame player, means that I must really respect him. That's the case with Manti Te'o (BTW, remember recruited by Charlie Weis!),