Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Morning Ramblings

1. Bears- that was nice! Somehow back in first place in the NFC North. Interesting that when the Bears get trounced, it's- "that's the real Bears" but when the Packers get trounced, it's- "Oh, it's a bad game that happens to everyone, it means nothing." Ah, okay. Everyone in the NFC North lost this weekend except for the Bears.

2  Big Ten Championship will feature a 7-5 Wisconsin team. Nice job, Big Ten. Once the Big Ten suspended both Penn State and Ohio State, they should have realigned the Division. Here's hoping that Bucky lose the championship game and then loses it's Bowl game to finish at 7-7.

3. Some people are feeling sorry for Gene Chizik- really!! Poor guy is going to keep getting paid by Auburn to do nothing (which is pretty much what he did the last two years). The guy is an awful coach- some booster bought him Cam Newton and he wins the National Championship. Don't make him a good coach.

4.  No one has played the early season schedule that DUKE has- Kentucky, Louisville, Minnesota and VCU. Should be #1 or #2 in the polls right now.  Thankfully unlike college football, the champion in this sport will be determined by a playoff.

5. NIU- the best college football team in the state!! It look like the Illini hired the wrong MAC coach last season.

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Anonymous said...

The Badgers will prob lose the Championship game. That said, I hope they win big time.

I agree with the comment on the Bears and Packers.

Also, I was reading an old SI from October and completely forgot about that Packers game when the replacement refs blew that call in the endzone. How key is that?