Friday, April 29, 2011

Bears #1 Pick: Gabe Carimi!

A Pick that should make both Badger & Kristin Cavallari happy:

1. Kristin gets protection for her future husband
2. For Badger, someone to root for- a fellow badger and, like Scarlett Johansen, a fellow member of the tribe:

From Wikipedia:

Carimi is Jewish and very committed to his religion, and found time as a youth to both go to his football practices and to attend Madison's Temple Beth-El, a Reform synagogue. By the time of his Bar Mitzvah, he was already so tall that while blessing him, and even with Carimi bending down, the synagogue’s education director had to put his hands on Carimi’s shoulders rather than atop his head. For his Bar Mitzvah project, he helped build a house for Habitat for Humanity while he was in seventh grade. Carimi continued his Jewish studies even after his Bar Mitzvah.
In his freshman year of college in 2007, when Yom Kippur (the holiest day of the year in Judaism; a fast day that is the "Day of Atonement") fell on a Saturday, he fasted until an hour before the Big Ten Conference opener against Iowa started that night. Carimi said, "Religion is a part of me, and I don't want to just say I'm Jewish. I actually do make sacrifices that I know are hard choices.” At the 2011 NFL combine, when asked whether he would play on Yom Kippur in the NFL, he responded: "I already looked out over the next 15 years, and Yom Kippur doesn't fall on a Sunday."
He is nicknamed "The Jewish Hammer" or "The Hammer". He explains that as The Hebrew Hammer was taken "they had to come up with something else", and that the "hammer" aspect refers to his penchant for throwing opposing players down on the field. One of his favorite Jewish football players was a former Badger, Matt Bernstein, and he looks to 49ers former offensive linesman Harris Barton as a role model.

So far, he seems like a great fit for da Bears!

QBs Drafted in First Round Last 10 years

2001- Michael Vick (#1 overall) Next qb taken was Drew Brees with the first pick of the second round.
2002- David Carr (#1 overall)-bust. Somehow still in the league as a back-up.
Joey Harrington- bust. Overrated in college. Remember Oregon's Heisman campaign for him.
Patrick Ramsey- somehow still in the league.
2003- Carson Palmer (#1 overall)- would love to see him on a decent team next year.
Bryon Leftwich- injured, alot. Still, don't think he would have been a great one anyway.
Kyle Boller- the reason that some teams stayed away from Aaron Rodgers.
Rex Grossman- When "Sexy Rexy", he was good. More often, he was "Gross, man!"
2004- Eli Manning (#1 overall)- even with JP Losman, 2004 was very good year for first round QBs.
Philip Rivers
Ben Rothleisberger (sp?)
J.P. Losman
2005-Alex Smith (#1 Overall)- bad, bad pick, and I said it back then!
Aaron Rodgers- Has won as many Super Bowls as Favre has for Green Bay!
Jason Campbell- still in the league
2006-Vince Young- I still think he is a winner. But, hard to defend him with his off the field shit. Where will he play next year.
Matt Leinart- ah, chicks seem to like him.
Jay Cutler- Bears: "Jay is our quarterback."
2007-JaMarcus Russell (#1 Overall!?!?) Vomit. Drafted largely because of 1 good game against a crappy Notre Dame team! BAD.
Brady Quinn-Speaking of Notre Dame! When Cleveland gives up on you.....
2008-Matt Ryan- nice pick!
Joe Flacco- I know HM doesn't like him, but very serviceable.
2009-Matthew Stafford- better than Joey Harrington. Injury prone thus far.
Mark Sanchez- Have to give him some credit for his playoff success in his first two years.
Josh Freeman- I bashed this pick when it was made and he has been pretty darn good. So maybe Vikings fans should take some delight in my bashing of Christian Ponder- b/c I don't know shit.
2010-Sam Bradford (#1 Overall) Nice job as a rookie.
Tim Tebow-the jury is still out. But better than Brady Quinn!!

Happy Birthday Jay Cutler

What do you get someone who is engaged to a lovely lady (besides a full-time PR person !)?

How about a tackle that can actually protect him! More on Bears pick, Wisc OT Gabe Carini later today.

With the 12th Pick in the Draft, the Minnesota Vikings take...

Christian Ponder!! HM screams "WHAT!?!!", falls off his chair and then bursts into uncontrollable laughter.

I actually watch ACC football and have seen a decent amount of Christian Ponder and Florida State. At no point in any of those games did I ever think that Christian Ponder was first rounder, and especially a top 12 pick!!! Late second rounder, maybe. Apparently the Vikings were attempting to trade down and take Ponder later. Central division rivals should not over-celebrate as I have to believe that the Vikes will sign a veteran (Ponder is not starting game one, right?) and McNabb is a real possibility.

Ponder makes it four QBs in the top 12 picks, mirroring that great "Year of the QB" draft in 1999 (actually 5 qbs in the top 12 that year)!! That year- Tim Couch, McNabb, Akili Smith (vying with Ryan Leaf and JaMarcus Russell for the biggest draft bust ever), and Culpepper. The fifth QB taken that year- Cade McNown!!!!!!! Well, at least Tim Couch is married to Heather Kozar. Viking fans have to hope that this "Year of the QB" is better than 1999.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Today Birthday Girls!!

A Good Day! Jessica Alba; Penelope Cruz!

NFL Lockout Effect?

As some of you know, I have always been a huge fan of the NFL Draft. Especially liked it when the draft was on Saturday morning. Got up and pretty much did nothing for several hours while watching the wall to wall coverage.
The NFL Draft starts tonight. Have never been this disinterested in an NFL draft. I'm sure that I will switch to the coverage every now and then, but I will be watching the White Sox and "The Office."
Maybe because there is no clear #1 pick in this draft. Maybe because da Bears pick late in the first round and they will probably screw that up to. But, I think the main reason is the NFL lockout.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Saturday, April 23, 2011

RichRod Says Leaving WVU for Michigan Was A Mistake!

You think?!! The only real question is who made the bigger mistake- RichRod leaving for Michigan or Michigan hiring RichRod? Actually, I do have one more question. Wondering if RichRod is even allowed to enter the state of West Virginia?

Happy Birthday, Joanna Krupa!

Polish Power!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Arizona Is Not Just For Spring Training

When we went to Arizona for our Spring Training Trip, Badger refused to go to a Hooters or a Kilt. Instead he wanted to go to "In-N-Out Burger" 3 times a day. Here's a taste of what we missed at Hooters.

Here's the link-in case the video does not work.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Truly Great Chicago Sports Night!

1. White Sox FINALLY win!
Apparently the line-up shake-up worked, or maybe it was just try for the bats to come out of their slumps, as the Sox scored 9 runs. More playing time for Vizquel! Can we get 2 in a row!
2. Bulls take a 3-0 lead over the Pacers. Again, the Pacers played a very physical hard-foul filled games. Lu stepped up as Luol Deng scores 21!
3. Blackhawks 5, Canucks 0! Lu did not step up in this game, as Luongo was pulled in the second period! 'Hawks are still down 3-2, but Game 6 is on Easter Sunday at the UC!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Silver Anniversary of MJ's 63 Point Playoff Game

against the Boston Celtics!

"You're in Beantown, baby, Beantown!"

Not Winning!

Since I was at the Blackhawks' victory, I did not see the White Sox game (BTW, the last time the Sox won, I watched the game at the Tilted Kilt. Don't want to be as superstitious as the two main characters in "Celtic Pride" but I have to stop at the Kilt for a beverage during the Sox game tonite). But let me get this straight. For the first week or so, the Sox are hitting like gangbusters and getting solid starting pitching. Main weakness- bullpen. Now, for the last 4 or 5 games, we can't hit worth shit! Just like early last season, Danks can sue for lack of run support as he loses 2-1! Today, Dunn drops to 5th in the batting order after an 0-4 nite.

Don't care how- just want a win tonite!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Blackhawks Have Some Life Left!

with K in the house (and Vince Vaughn), Luongo gets pulled out of the net and the Hawks win 7-2!

Avoid the sweep and back to Vancouver for another game.,0,719449.story
(Photo: Brian Cassella, Chicago Tribune / April 19, 2011)

Why the NHL Needs the Blackhawks To Win Tonight!

Blackhawks had 2nd most local TV viewership in NHL this season. Averaged 96,000 homes. Penguins 1st at 101,000.

Not exactly sure what those numbers represent other than the Blackhawks were #2. Last year's Stanley Cup run brought in the casual local hockey fans. Most of them were drop out as soon as the 'Hawks are eliminated this season.

Today's Birthday Girls!

Couldn't have people coming to my blog ans seeing the picture in the last post, so let's post some more pictures.
1. The very underrated Jennifer Esposito! (One site had her birthday as today, another as April 11th. Good enough for me)

2. Ashley Judd- the ONLY thing good about the Kentucky Wildcats!

White Sox Lose 5th in a Row

Please win tonite! I don't want to have to post a picture of 6 ugly, er unattractive (that's cruel, okay "not my type") women!!

As A White Sox Fan...

right now I am very thankful for the Chicago Bulls!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Greetings from Washington

No one sends postcards anymore- so, consider this an electronic one.

Went to Nationals Park for a Nationals- Phillies game (Regular season game #3 for me this season). Well, I thought I was going to a Nationals' home game, but oh no, at least 60% Phillies fan. Extremely obnoxious! EXTREMELY! But then again, Nats' fans allowed them to get away with it. As we stood in line to enter the Park, Phillies fan dressed in a robe and chains?! lead about 20 Phillies fans into line whiling chanting "Let's Go Phillies!!" That ain't happening outside of the Cell or Wrigley or dare I say most MLB parks. Jayson Werth receiving more boos than cheers in his "home" park and greeted with numerous calls of "Traitor". Nice park but awful food service. Only vendors I saw anywhere were beer vendors (some of whom also sold peanuts). But no hot dog vendors or even cotton candy vendors patrolling the seats. Lines at the concessions took forever. Beer- $8 domestic.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Playboy Cover Preview

Karina Smirnoff- she's from some show "Dancing with the Stars." Sports connection- she's enganged to pitcher Brad Penny

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sorry For Lack of Posts Today

just found out htat HM is trying to enter my city without my permission. I have alerted the authorities. In the meantime, you may enjoy this submission from RKG:

Monday, April 11, 2011

Wow- Niles Crain Has Changed!

Loyola's New Basketball Coach

New Loyola Coach Porter Moser Aiming High:

Will PG buy season tickets now?

I Need a Ruling

My goal this year is to attend 30 baseball games. With a trip to DC to see the Nats this week, plus anticipated trips to Denver and Minny, I should be close to that number. But, do I get to count the 4 spring training games I went to this year? PG answers yes.


Then again this pic may not need any caption or any comment.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Words that you don't hear from me very often. The Blackhawks needed a big heap of help from the Minnesota Wild on Sunday night to make the playoffs. It looked like the 'Hawks would go from Stanley Cup champions to missing the playoffs in one year. The Wild had to keep the Stars from winning in regulation or OT. Well with all of Chicago watching a Wild-Stars hockey game on NHL Network, the Wild defeated the Stars in regulation giving the Blackhawks the 8th spot in the playoffs. Talk about backing into the playoffs. And talk about sending out a big "Thank you, Minnesota!"

Joe Madden: When Your Team is 1-8....

Friday, April 08, 2011

Breaking News- Manny Ramirez retires!!

Rumors are swirling (I love how rumors swirl!) that Manny tested positive under the MLB drug policy. If he tested positive for a performance enhancement drug, it would have been a 100 game suspension. I can tell you one thing, he definitely was in need of performance enhancers when he played with the White Sox last year!

Sportsguy Getting Ready to Tweet?

Red Sox with an early lead 6-4 over the Yankees. Then again, Jenks and/or Papelbum could blow the save!

When will Sportsguy Tweet Again?!

Bill Simmons aka Sportguy is on a Twitter strike. His last tweet: I'm not tweeting again until the Red Sox win. 5 Apr

Boston Sucks! Boston Sucks!

Exhibit A: Boston Red 0-6! 0-6! Yeah, it is only 6 games, but what's the payroll on this team $247 million!

Exhibit B: BULLS 97 Celtics 81. At least the Celtics waived the white flag gracefully in the 4th quarter last night! Rondo (still sulking over the lost of his buddy Kendrik Perkins, like a true pro!) enjoyed the match-up with MVP D Rose and recorded a triple single!! Congrats!