Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Friday, October 26, 2012

Today, I'll Have A Drink

well, it's Friday, so yeah there's a damn good chance I'm having a beer today.

But this is big day in my family. We Celebrate! It's my nephew's 14th birthday.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

So when the Marlins Visit the Cell Next Season...

will Ozzie Guillen be cheered by White Sox fans?

Well, the Question is moot!


Should have never let his ego drive him out of Chicago, where he had an owner that had his back. Oh well, he will still be paid $7.5 more millions by the Marlins so he has that going for him.

If NFL Playoffs Started Tomorrow

1. Falcons
2. Bears

3. NY Giants
4. San Fran
5. Minnesota Vikings
6. Green Bay
 3 teams from the NFC North!!!

1. Houston
2. Baltimore

3. New England
4. Denver
5. San Diego
6. Miami!!! The team that everyone laughed at during Hark Knocks! Hey, they are only 3-3, but still!!!

Miami would make it over the Steelers on a tie-breaker

Ok, ok, a long way to go!!

St. Louis Cards' Fans- Best Baseball Fans in the US?

Time to over-generalize. Cards' fans are still pretty damn good fans for the most part, but social media shows that some of them have issues.

Deadspin Story on Crazy Cards Fans -if you really wan to fire Mike Matheny and worse, want Tony LaRussa back then you really lack baseball intelligence. Do you need a reminder of how often Tony Larussa and his his teams failed in the playoffs?

A great twitter feed to follow to see some real garbage from some St. Louis fans (some of which is just disgusting) :

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Big Ten Fans- Yeah, Football Sucks But...

Basketball should be better, if the preseason polls are to be relied upon at all.
Three Big Ten schools in the top 5 with Indiana as the pre-season #1!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Talk About Wasted Draft Pick!!

UNC Too Tough An Opponent for Jerry Kill & theGophers

Minnesota will to pay $$ to get out of UNC contract!!

What the Hell Was That Last Night?!

Philip Rivers trying to make Tony Romo look better by comparison?!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Oh, New York, New York!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

RIP, Jaussy.,0,4444321.story

HM gave me the "Most Likely to be a Cigar Smoking Sportswriter" Award during our last days of law school as a 'tongue-in-cheek" homage to the "Sportswriters on TV" with its poor production values. But, yeah I was a fan of both the TV show nad the radio show.Bill Jauss was one of the guys that didn't smoke a cigar on the show.

Loyola Ramblers games will not be the same without Bill Jauss in attendance. Got to say hello to him and his wife at more than one sporting event. Same time today, I'll hoist a beer or two to one of the guys that nurtured my early love of sports. One of the good guys!

RIP, Bill Jauss.

RIP, Mongo.

Mongo, we all are.

Friday, October 05, 2012

Things I am Enjoying Right Now

1. Start of the MLB Playoffs (even without the White Sox).
2. Bears at 3-1.
3. Dickhead Schwartz and the Detroit Lions at 1-3!
4. The Big Ten continuing to be the Mediocre 12.
5. This- Very Funny
6. WTF?!The Hogan Family Making You Love Your Family Right Now!
7. Not that Hogan Family!!
8. Stacy Keibler is from Baltimore, she must be an O's fan.. Go Orioles!!

AL Wild Card

Can Texas shake-off Wednesday's disappointment. Well, there are at home, Yu Darvish on the mound. But, baseball is a funny game.
Yeah, this is probably more my thinking with my heart rather than my head, but I got the Orioles in this one.

NL Wild Card Game

One Game! Might as well flip a coin, right? Should be 3 games.

Great pitching match-up.
Brian McCann not playinf for the Braves concerns me.

Gonna go with the Braves at home.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

White Sox Thank Fans

And now it's time to root for the A's. Beat Detroit!!

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Cubbies' Quest For 100 Losses Hightlight Video!

Almost as good as the White Sox- "Ripping Our Fans' Hearts Out In Late September!!"

Can't Freakin' Wait!!!

Johnny Depp As Tonto

Ranking the MLB Playoffs Teams Per Rooting Interest

1. Baltimore Orioles- Jim Thome- Not only one of the nicest guys in sport, but a true AL Central guy, having played for the White Sox, Twins and Tribe.
2. Washington Nats- A Nationals v. Orioles World Series would be great (maybe not ratings wise, but who cares!)
3. Atlanta- Always have liked the Braves.
4. Cincinnati- NL Central and Dusty Baker- just want Cubs fans do not want to see! Ha!!
5. San Fran- Great fans. Like them a lot more without "The Beard."
6. Oakland A's- Would like the A's a lot more if it was not for all the "Moneyball "talk that will surface the further that A's advance.
7.St. Louis Cardinals- Again would piss off Cubs fans and that's always nice.
8. Texas Rangers- Nothing against them just not really a fan.
9. NY Yankees- better than the f-ing Tigers and as long as Nick Swisher plays like crap in the playoffs that's a-okay with me.

10. Detroit Tigers- anyone but the Tigers!

Who you rooting for?