Saturday, October 30, 2010

DUKE > Notre Dame

Navy beats Notre Dame. Duke beats Navy.
Ergo, Duke is better than Notre Dame!


I don't care if Notre Dame is playing without it's starting quarterback, Notre Dame should NEVER lose to Tulsa in football! Never!

Least Surpring News of the Day..

Brett Favre expected to start tomorrow against the Jets.
I'm in shock!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Your Morning Dose of K

1. Pitchers' duel, huh?
2. Juan Uribe! Juan Uribe!
3. Cavs 95, Celtics 87: Lebron, who?
4. The Bulls are going to be excitign to watch this season. Need to learn how to close in the 4th quarter. Hopefully can play .500 until Boozer can play.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Denise Richards Joins the Cast of Blue Mountain State!

Just heard this ad on the radio. Apparently "Blue Mountain State" is a TV show on Spike. Never seen it. Will tivo it. It is about a college football team. I know this is great writing on my part, which means this will probably end up being one of my most visited blog posts.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Spanish Prostitutes Ordered to Wear Safety Vests

Just in case some of you are having trouble picking them out in a crowd.

Chicago Tribune Breaking News?! Could Ryno Join Ozzie on the South Side?

It's A Great Day

(despite some horrendous, scary weather in Chicago)

it's the 5th anniversary of the Chicago White Sox winning the World Series (Juan Uribe who made two great plays in the 9th inning of the clincher, returns to the World Series tomorrow) AND my nephew's 12th birthday. Happy Birthday, big guy!

Monday, October 25, 2010

LeBron Nike Ad!

Lovie Regrets Not Challenging Cutler Fumble

At lease Lovie is stepping up and taking the blame for failing to throw the red flag on the Cutler quarterback sneak fumble. Gotta respect him for that.

Weekend Round-Up

1. Bears- bad! Plenty of blame to go around. Coaching- Lovie should have challenged the Jay Cutler "fumble" at the end zone when the ball clearly crossed the plane of the end zone. Sure, he just challenged the previous play, but this was a turnover- you have to challenge it. Cutler- 4 picks, 4 picks are you kidding me!?!! Yeah, the line stinks but does Cutler looks anything like a player that was worth 2 first round picks and Kyle Orton. NO!!
2. Vikings/Brett Favre. Didn't know who to root for last night, but it is always fun to watch Brett throw an interception, especially a pick-6. But most of the coverage this morning is not on the game but the post-game. Did Chilly throw Favre under the bus?! Not sure he did, but let me say this. Chilly, what did you think you were getting when you begged Brett Favre to come back this season? A game-manager?! That what you get with Brett Favre. Yes, he threw three picks, but he also nearly won the game for you on his last pass! Did Brett Favre's dearth of interceptions last year fool you into thinking that Favre was what, conservative?! Well. then you should have watch some game film from Brett's previous 18 seasons.
3. Giants- Rangers, Nice!!!! Juan Uribe- clutch, just like he was for the 2005 World Series White Sox!!
4. Blackhawks- 2 losses over the weekend. Yuck!
5. College Football- does anyone want to be #1? Navy OWNS Notre Dame!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Recommendation...

If you got a few minutes, head over to HM's blog and read a great story.
If HM, ever ended up in a Hot Tub Time machine, I would suggest that he go back to this day in his life.

USA Today"s College Basketball Preseason Top 25

1. Duke 35-5
2. Michigan State 28-9
3. Kansas State 29-8
4. Pittsburgh 25-9
5. Ohio State 29-8
6. Villanova 25-8
7. Kansas 33-3
8. Purdue 29-6
9. North Carolina 20-17
10. Kentucky 35-3
11. Florida 21-13
12. Gonzaga 27-7
13. Syracuse 30-5
14. Baylor 28-8
15. Missouri 23-11 354 NR
16t. Illinois 21-15 329
16t. Washington 26-10
18. Butler 33-5
19. Memphis 24-10
20. Tennessee 28-9
21. Georgetown 23-11
22. Temple 29-6 120
23. Virginia Tech 25-9
24. Wisconsin 24-9
25. Texas 24-10

Scalabrine- Might he actually be good, or at least, decent?!

In any case, it looks like he will make the Bulls' roster.

Recent Pics of Adriana Lima!

May be time to update the K-Line's List of Top Sports WAGs

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


HM has a post in his "best of" series which takes us back to 1982!

What was going on in 1982 in the world of sports?

Clemson, yes Clemson, was the defending NCAA football champ. Penn State would be voted the national champs for the 82 season.

NFL? The San Fransisco 49ers won Super Bowl XVI

A freshman Michael Jordan and North Carolina defeated Georgetown with Patrick Ewing for the NCAA title.

Baseball? Montreal hosted the All-Star Game while the St. Louis Cardinals defeated the AL champs, Milwaukee Brewers in the World Series.

At Least He Wasn't Driving

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

RIP, Tom Bosley

Another TV icon says good-bye.

Not Much Expected from Local College Hoops Teams

Rank School (1st)
1. Butler (48)
2. Detroit
3. Cleveland State
4. Valparaiso
5. Milwaukee
6. Wright State
7. Green Bay
8. Loyola
9. UIC
10. Youngstown State

Well at least I wil get to see Butler and Kansas State at the Joe.

White Sox Third Base Coach to Join Cubs?!

Will Jeff Cox join his buddy, Mike Quade, on the North side? Hope not!
Bruce Levine just mentioned the possibility (among other names) on ESPN Radio (Chicago).
But if does go there, and Ryno doesn't get a managerial position, let's bring Ryne Sandberg to the Southside!

MNF outdraws MLB Playoffs

You could almost have any 2 teams on Monday Night Football and it will outdraw a baseball playoff game. Don't blame me, I was at the Blackhawks' game.

But if there was any doubt- Football is king!

Cubbies Go WIth Mike Quade

Feel sorry for Ryne Sandberg. Here's hoping that Ryno gets a managerial job somewhere else- Milwaukee?

For Those of You Who Were Hoping For a Tiger Woods Sex Tape- Not so Fast!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Was Jen Patterson Fired For Dating Nick Boynton? (updated)

Yesterday the Tribune reported that Comcast Sportsnet Chicago fired Jen Patterson. Now Deadspin and others are reporting that the reason for the firing is because Jen is dating Blackhawk Nick Boynton, a romance that became public recently.
If true, is this fair?
Jen, formerly of Monsters in the Morning, never hide her devotion of the Blackhawks. As long as she can remain unbiased in her reporting on the Blackhawks (or have her cover sports other than hockey), is this fair?

Here's Robert Feder (TV & Media Critic) blogging about the Jen Patterson firing.

■I believe it was the late Richard Hainey, the crusty former editor of Chicago Today and a beloved professor at Medill, who taught us the adage: “You can’t cover the circus if you sleep with the elephants.” It’s advice worth recalling after the firing last week of Jen Patterson, an on-air contributor and rising star at Comcast SportsNet Chicago. It came after other female sports reporters privately voiced dismay about Patterson dating Nick Boynton, a defenseman for the Chicago Blackhawks. By the time Sun-Times gossip columnist Bill Zwecker reported seeing them out on the town as “a nice cozy item,” Comcast SportsNet took action. I have no idea what Patterson’s relationship was with Boynton or if other issues may have led to her departure. Neither side is commenting beyond a “wish her well” statement from her former bosses. But journalists everywhere — especially those in the volatile sports media world — would be wise to heed the lesson.

Chicago State Coach Calls UIC "Chicken"

Chicago State's B-ball coach claims that "mighty" UIC is too chicken to play them! Maybe it's time for the Mayor's Cup?
I have written, both on this blog and the old paper K-Line columns, about the need for a Chicago College tournament. Philadelphia for years has had the "Big 5", a kind of unofficial league of the 5 area D-1 basketball programs: LaSalle, Penn, St. Joe's, Temple and Villanova.
Well we have 5 D-1 b-ball programs in the Chicago area (admittedly, for the most part, not as good as the Philly schools)- Loyola, DePaul, Northwestern, UIC, and Chicago State. While UIC and Loyola play each other at least twice a year, games among the other's is raw. Why not set up a tournament (at the United Center?) or some type of round robin play with the leader in head to head match-ups gets a trophy? The Mayor's Cup?
While a Chicago State v. UIC game might not draw a great crowd, if it is part of a double-header with Northwestern- DePaul as the second game, then you might get a crowd.
You would think that at the very least, our fine local papers (don't read the Tribune any more so honestly, I don't know what they are doing), would pick an MVP from the Chicago Five?
Just something to think about.

Rangers v. Yankees

Who do you got?

Who do you want?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Midnight Madness Draws Upon Us

and so, we have the 2010 National Champs!

Jason Whitlock's Latest Column

Here's the link to the column

With the highlights:

8. Or maybe Goodell is dragging his feet because he knows Sunday's Dallas-Minnesota showdown could be Favre's last game.

The table is certainly set for Favre to walk away. He's informed everyone that the tendinitis in his elbow is bothering him and hurting his throwing accuracy. He threw out the possibility of sitting out a game or two and giving his elbow rest.

If the Vikings fall to 1-4 and Sterger's $ettlement demands become unreasonable, the smart play for Favre is to put himself on injured reserve and enroll in sext-addiction therapy. Sprint and Verizon both have nationally recognized programs.

7. It makes perfect sense for Sterger to hold onto voice mails, e-mails and pictures she received from a famous athlete/celebrity.

I'm tired of hearing people -- mostly men -- rip Sterger for keeping the alleged Favre communications for two years.

If Halle Berry texted me a picture of her little toe, I'd save the text, print out the picture, frame it and hang it in my office. Hell, I'd take out an ad in a major newspaper bragging that Berry contacted me. (Just kidding, Halle, if you're reading this. I'm very discreet. Ask Beyonce.)

Favre is famous. He should assume that all of his communications are being recorded and saved. It's the world we live in.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

SI Story on Sports Agents (updated)

Have only skimmed the story thus far and based on that, would have to state that it's a must-read.

Update: And the fall-out begins, as ESPN is investigating the allegations relating to Mel Kiper.

Side-by-side Pic

Reader Quincy brought up to similarities between Ms. Favre and Jenn Sterger, so here's a side by side pic.

Quarterback + Minnesota Vikings= Cellphone Pics of Privates?

First, Sean Salisbury, now Brett Favre!? Hopefully Brooks Bollinger doesn't follow suit!!

Jenn Pulls Out of Bull & Bear Event!

Chicago and the K-Line misses out on Jenn Sterger! Yet another reason for me to hate Brett Favre.

Now I am really mad!

Monday, October 11, 2010


Despite the fact that he lives in Minnesota, doesn't understand the genius and mastery of Ozzie Guillen and once asked me if all of my the males in an ex's family looked like Kirby Puckett, he will always be a friend. Hopefully this video is not as gay as "Porch Pals"?!

One last thing, sorry but your blog is still banned in China. It wasn't me.

Friday-Midnight Madness

2010 NCAA Men's Basketball Final Four from Jeff Trost on Vimeo.

So, here's a video to get you prepared. But, be forewarned, this will absolutely move you to tears-tears of joy!!

Waiting for HM's "Suspend Favre" Post

If Jay Marioti was still writing (yucks!), we know that he would continue to take the moral high ground and call for the suspension of Favre. HM-upset with the Commish's light treatment of Big Ben, could only mean that he would strongly support an immediate 4 (if not longer) game suspension of Brett Favre, right?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Can an NFL team win with awful quarterbacking and a pathetic o-line?

Yes! BTW, it helps if you are playing against Jimmy Clausen.

A lucky win coupled with a Packers defeat.

Illini 33 Penn State 13

The national media will cover this more as a Penn State loss (the chants of "Get rid of JoePa" have resurrected) than a Illini victory.
But, TOC and the Tyler Rose have no reason not to celebrate the Illini finally winning at State College!

12 in a Row!!!!!

12! A dozen! Ain't a dozen great?! You can get a dozen donuts, a dozen eggs and now, a dozen postseason losses in a row by the Twinkies- Enjoy! (even Cub fans are laughing)

Let's put things in proper perspective- in the time that the Twins have lost 12 postseason games in a row, the White Sox have WON 12 post-season games, including a very important trophy.

A poor way of representing the Central. The Curse of K (more on that later, but remember, you don't tug on Superman's cape) prevented me from saying anything about the Twins' fans, now officially worse than Cubs fans , but let's just say that I enjoyed the following from Deadspin:


Minnesota Twins (94-68, AL Central Champs)
... But I will say this: The emailer accusing Minnesotans of "distrusting" black people? TOTALLY DEAD ON. Minnesotans aren't racist so much as they're suspicious of anyone who does not have blond hair, blue eyes, a last name ending in "son," and a hearty bowl of Jello salad ready for their neighbors at all times.


Twins fans are like the retarded, in-bred cousins of Packer fans. They're fat. They're pale. They distrust black people, with the inexplicable exception of Kirby Puckett (more on him later), and embrace scraptastic white queefs like Nick Punto.


I live in the Twin Cities and am subjected to Twins fans jerking themselves off on a daily basis. It's always the same shit. "Didja know Joe Mauer grew up in St. Paul? Have ya been to Target Field yet? What a gorgeous place! It's so great to have the boys out of the Metrodome! Wouldn't it be cool if our little team could beat those overpaid Yankees from the Big City? Have you heard that song by The Hold Steady? It's so neat Whatshisname Finn remembers where he came from!" Gah! These simpletons are too overcome with unjustified pride to realize they were screwed into paying for a stadium, most fans never went to a game before said stadium, and their team isn't nearly the underdog they like to think if they believe payroll is the barometer.

Yep, that's about it, Twins fans. Go ahead crow about owning the White Sox (yes, you own the White Sox for the last few years and I always gave you credit for that) or you could be smart, humble and shut your yaps until you win a postseason game.
Enjoy the remaining, or real, playoff teams. Hey, you can cheer on the Texas Rangers, managed by the best manager in the game named Ron!!

Saturday, October 09, 2010


A.J. - One
Joe Mauer-None, Zero, Zippo, Nada!!!
( I don't think Mauer has ever won a postseason GAME!! Have to check that, but amazing!!)

Friday, October 08, 2010

Enjoy the (Extended) Weekend!

Baseball Playoffs!
Some pretty good college football games.
Blackhawks Home Opener!!!

And I know some of us will be doing some work and working on the taxes.



Bulls Interested in Dampier?!

Well, if it is simply a big body to take up space until Boozer returns from injury, then why not?
Then again if it means that Brian Scalabrine doesn't make the final roster, then that would be awful!!!!!

Brett Favre Pics? No, thanks!


Eleven in a Row!!!

Another valiant effort by the wild-card Yankees (they didn't even win their division but somehow they are up 2-0!!). Again this one was not easy,
falling behind again and then surrounded by a very hostile crowd seemingly upset over what they perceived to be the wrong call by the home plate ump!! Valiant!
As Hawk would say: "Keep it going boys!"

In Todd We Trust

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Ten In a Row!!

Going into yesterday's playoff games, three teams were tied with the longest active playoff losing streak of 9 games: Cubs, Rangers, and Twins.
Rangers win!! And thanks to the Yankees....
Congrats, Cubbies, for the time being you do not hold the longest active playoff streak. That honor is held solely by another team with 10 playoff losses in a row. Enjoy, Cubbies fans, while you can.
Too choked up to write too much about this, but how proud am I of the the New York Yankees!! The resiliency!! Down, 2-0 early to "The Little Engine that Could," you did not give up!! Kudos!!
Nick Swisher was obviously distracted for the first 30 minutes of the game as the baseball gods cruelly scheduled the start of the game opposite Joanna Garcia's sit-com on ABC. But once Joanna's sitcom was over, Nick was able to go back to being the cheerleader that the Yankees pay him millions to be!!
One final note, I told "Coach" that I would give him fifty cents for every black and Hispanic person that he or I could spot in the stands at Target Field. I saw a black beer vendor (sorry, doesn't count). I may give him a quarter anyway.
Enjoy the games!! Go, Yankees!!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Roy Halladay- so Far, So Good!

It's the top of the fifth inning right now and Halladay dominates with the Phillies leading 4-0.
But as much as I like the Phillies, Philly fans are already pissing me off.

Brett Favre Media Day Tomorrow?

Duelingcouches is reporting that the "Brett Favre Croc Cock Shots" are to be released tomorrow (just in time to greet Randy Moss!?). Well, I have no idea if they will or will not be released tomorrw and even if they are, the K-Line will not be postign any pics. Instead will defer to photos of Jenn Sterger!


Very nice!



Somewhat surprised that Philly isn't higher on the list than #4 with both the Phillies and the Flyers, but at least they got #1 right!!!!



Gotta love the Yankees! Of course, I am rooting for former White Sox and great guy, Nick Swisher. He's not only an awesome dude but engaged to Joanna Garcia, who is trying to act on a bad ABC comedy (may have already been cancelled, not sure). A-Rod!!
Okay, why do I love the Yankees. Because the sole goal of this playoffs is "Anyone but the Twinkees"


If they make the World Series, can they sell-out the Dome?

Like to see them win the World Series and then break-up the team.