Friday, December 31, 2010

New Pitt Football Coach arrested For Domestic Violence

Could his Pitt head coaching career be over before it started?

I Can't Complain About My 2010 Sports Year!

It's that time to reflect back and make feeble attempts at resolutions for the future. Well, sure I would have loved for all my sports teams to win championships, but 2010 certainly had its moments!
1. DUKE wins 4th NCAA Basketball title!!
April 6, 2010 started out with opening day for the White Sox. McLovin and I got to see Buerhle's defensive pay of the year and the Sox beat the Indians. But McLovin knew that I was getting nervous about a college basketball game that night. There are years as a Duke fan that I am optimistic about a national championship (1992, 2001- except when Boozer got injured in the Maryland game). But this was not one of them. If fact, I was still in some disbelief at the final buzzer as my phones started ringing (TEG letting out a scream of joy in my ear!)Duke was not ranked #1 at any point of the season. I don't care too much for ranking my favorite Duke national championship year, but this year with Zoubek stepping it up in a huge way, Scheyer washing away the sins of Greg Paulus, and Lance Thomas fitting the blue-collar role. All the Duke hate out there may add to the sweetness of #4! Without Kyrie Irving, I don't think that 2011 will bring #5, but I have been wrong before!
2. After 49 years, the Blackhawks bring Lord Stanley's Cup home! While not the biggest Blackhawks' fan in the world (I got to 3-4 games a season), this was a sweet ride for the entire city. A great season with certain players- Toews, Kane, Hossa and Duncan become stars in the City. Another great parade for the city and another reason to be proud and gloat.
3. White Sox- No postseason, but some great winning streaks during the year include 25-5 (if I recall correctly). And beating the Cubs in the Crosstown series (second year in a row) and finishing with a better record than the Cubbies is Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!
4. Da Bears- Let's ignore the 2009 season. After attending the Bears preseason loss to the Arizona Cardinals- I though this team would be lucky to finish 3rd in the division. NFC NORTH CHAMPIONS!!
5. BULLS- The future looks bright. D Rose is maturing into an annual All-Star and MVP consideration. Some good free agents signings (BOOZER!) and a return to the playoffs!!
Here's to more fun, enjoyment and championships in 2011!!
6. How could I forget DUKE Lacrosse- National Champs, baby!!!!

New Year's Eve Bowls

Yesterday saw some "interesting" games, especially Syracuse benefitting from a ridiculious "excessive celebration" penalty and Tennessee letting victory slip thru the fingertips. In yesterday's finale, Nebraska played like it already joined the Big Ten (that's the Mediocre conference with 12 teams, but we'll call it the Big Ten)-disappointing. How can you lose to a Washington that you dominated earlier in the year. Anyway, today's games:

1. Meineke Car Care Bowl- South Florida v. Clemson: too much uncertainty over who will qb for USF. I'll take Clemson.

2. Sun Bowl-Miami v. Notre Dame: Can't figure ND out this year. This team loses to Tulsa at home. But then again, Tulsa won it's bowl game. Despite my hatred for ND (sorry, TPO), i think Notre Dame wins a close one.

3. Liberty-UCF v. (10-3) v. Georgia (6-6)- This is the game I'd most want to watch, but I will be at the UC watching Bulls-Nets. Georgia has not been impressive. I will pick Central Florida.

4. Chick-fil-a- Bowl- Florida State (9-4) v. South Carolina (9-4)-I think South Carolina is the better team, but every time the Gamecocks should go on a role or win a big game, they fail. I'm gonna pick them one more time.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

UCONN Women's B-Ball Team is Really Good,

except when they play Stanford.

Holiday Bowl

Nebraska (10-3) v. Washington (6-6)

This is a rematch which Nebraska won 56-21!

This is a rematch which Nebraska won 56-21!

This time it will be closer

Nebraska 46 Washington 28

Music City Bowl

UNC 7-5 v. Tennesse 6-6
It is really tough difficult for me to pick North Carolina even in football.
But how can a pick Tennessee which finished 6-6 after starting 2-6! Well, they could be on a roll winning 4 straight. But who did the Vols beat- Memphis, Mississippi, Vandy and Kentucky. Not exactly the best that the SEC has to offer.
Carolina should win this one.

Pinstrip Bowl (New York)

Kansas State (7-5) v. Syracuse (7-5)

I can't believe Syracuse made a bowl game the season after Greg Paulus left! (That's a joke people. Duke won the national championship the season after Paulus left. Coincidence?!)
This will be a low scoring game.
Syracuse 14 K-State 10

Armed Forces Bowl

SMU (7-6) vs. Army (6-6)

You would think that the Bowl games between Christmas and New Year's would feature some pretty good teams, but once again we have some very average teams. Two very difference styles of play. You would think that Army should win the Armed Forces Bowl, but I'm picking SMU. even without the Pony Express.
SMU 28 Army 21

A Good Day With Picks

to make up for yesterday's bad day. Congrats, Illini!!!
Now at 11-3. Four bowls tomorrow (Dec 30th).

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Eva Mendes Sex Tape!


Oklahoma State v. Arizona -OSU's only two losses were to Nebraska and Oklahoma.

So, I am going to pick the Cowboys. Actually, the real reason that I am picking Oklahoma State is so I can post a picture of this babe.

Texas Bowl

6-6 Illinois v. 7-5 Baylor

Two more teams that are at best -average- but, they get to go to a bowl game. Yawn!

Not a big fan of Big Ten football and all week I thought I would be picking Baylor in this game. But after last night's Iowa victory over Missouri, not impressed with the Big 12 either. I will probably regret this pick, but at least it will make TPO happy.

Illinois 24 Baylor 21

Military Bowl

Not much time:

East Carolina v. Maryland

ACC is my pick.

Maryland 24 East Carolina 21

Sports Overload Last Night

There was a ton of sports to watch at the Kilt last night- two bowl games, Bulls v. Bucks (still don't know why the Bucks were wearing red unis with white trim- maybe to let asst. Coach Kelvin Sampson feel like he was still at Indiana?), Blackhawks, college hoops. However my attention was clearly on the Tuesday Night Football: Eagles v. Vikings (I won't call them the Viqueens today), especially after the loud Philly fan sat next to me (at least, he bought me a beer and left at halftime). Well, the big winners last night- Bears, with a guaranteed first round bye, Tom Brady (how could you vote for Vick as MVP after last night) and Joe Webb.
So, "Thank you, Vikings" and "Suck it Philly!" Eagles fans dismiss the loss to the Bears for a multitude of stupid reasons- I especially like the "we were on a roll, so we were due for a loss" excuse. What is the Eagles excuse for last night- too much time to prepare for Joe Webb! I am sure we will heat the "Vick was hurt" excuse. Was his hand hurt, because he sure couldn't hold on the ball. The Vikings won despite the fact that Leslie Frazier needs some serious lessons in how to use the "challenge rule." Form the Bears perspective, more important than the bye maybe that the Bears faced the possibility of facing the Packers in back to back weeks. Don't want to face the Packers in back to back week!
Thanks, Philly!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Insight Bowl

No. 14 Missouri (10-2) vs. Iowa (7-5)

Iowa lost its last three games (including a defeat to Minnesota!). The Big Ten has improved its bowl performance, but I am still picking Missouri.
Missouri 20 Iowa 17

Champs Sports Bowl

NC State (8-4) vs. No. 22 West Virginia (9-3)

Two more teams I don't care much for. West Virginia has faced some turmoil since its last game, with head coach Bill Stewart being forced out after next season and the head coach in waiting added to his staff as offensive coordinator. It is reminiscent of when RichRod left WVU for brighter, bluer skies and Bill Stewart lead the team to a bowl victory. As much as I would like to pick an ACC team, West Virginia has a better defense.

WVU 24 NC State 21


Picks later today.
8-1, but I feel that I am about to crash down to mediocrity.

Monday, December 27, 2010

LeBron- I didn't know what "Contraction" Meant?!

Did he confuse it with "contraception?" "Condiment?" "Condominium?"

Wow, he didn't go to college?

153 Bras Stolen From Victoria's Secret Store

Some Recent Samantha Fox

From Wikepedia- In the Summer 2010 saw Samantha's release of a duet with Italian singer Sabrina Salerno in which they performed a cover version of Blondie's hit "Call Me". Released in Italy on June 15, the single peaked at #4 in the Italian Dance Singles Sales Chart on the first week of July.
She doesn't look that bad- a little rough. She looks perfect for a role on "Sons of Anarchy"!


This time it is the Independence Bowl putting my 7-1 mark to the test (but the one that I got wrong, man did I get wrong as Tulsa destroyed Hawaii!). Air Force (8-4) v. Georgia Tech (6-6). If you like passing, don't bother with this game as you have the nation's top two rushing teams in this one. Georgia Tech has looked very average this season as its .500 record would suggest. Air Force has lost to some top competition (Oklahoma and TCU).

Let's take Air Force.

Air Force 31 Georgia Tech 28

A Pretty Good Sunday!


Bears, Bulls & Blackhawks all win!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Little Ceaser's Bowl

Florida International will deliver in this one.
FIU 35 Toledo 31

Thursday, December 23, 2010

6-0 in Bowl Picks! Merry Christmas!


All I want for Christmas is an NFC North Championship.
I actually want a lot more, but I never get everything that I want!
To those of you who actually read/view this blog- few in number but strong in might!-thanks and enjoy the holidays!!

The Start of My Christmas Wishes

My Christmas traditions:
Stressing out
Eating too much
Posting pics of Christmas Ladies!

Hawaii Bowl

Hawaii v. Tulsa
So Hawaii plays in the Hawaii Bowl. STUPID! I cannot imagine that it will be easy for football players from Tulsa to focus on football while out in the Hawaiian sun.
Hawaii 44 Tulsa 34

Ohio State Suspensions! Buckeyes Cheaters!

Pryor and 4 others are suspended for the first five games of NEXT season (so maybe Pryor goes pro after this season?). Apparently this is more than just the "free tatoos" reported last night!
But just like Cam Newton, they are eligible for the bowl games.
UPDATE: The official release-


I find tinsel distracting!

Poinsettia Bowl

San Diego State v. Navy

This is a really tough one for me to pick. San Diego State is basically playing a bowl game at home and I don't like that. Then again the Naval Academy will have a great deal of fan support in San Diego. SDSU almost beat TCU. Navy lost to DUKE!
I like San Diego State in a tight one
SDSU 31 Navy 30

5-0 In Bowl Picks (SO FAR!)

I will enjoy my greatness while it lasts!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Just found out that the actress that played Mrs. Blankenship on "Mad Men", played Danny Russo's mom in "The Karate Kid"!
And for those of you that are really old- like HM and me- you might also remember her from the show "Soap"!!

4-0 in Bowl Picks (31 to go!)

Las Vegas Bowl: Utah v. Boise State.

Utah is very good in bowl games (winning 9 straight); but has played poorly at the end of this season.

Boise is much better. The only thing that should prevent Boise for an easy victory is the letdown of going from a BCS bowl to a pre- Christmas bowl!
Still I think it's Boise!

Boise 42 Utah 27

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


DEVIN HESTER made history yesterday (unlike those who claim history will be made today when UConn women's team plays- don't get me started on that bunch of bull!). Hester's Return record does not include his return of a missed field goal. It also does not include his kickoff return for a touchdown in the Super Bowl! Despite that, it took Hester 74 games to break Stump Mitchell's record. It took Mitchell 233 games to set the old record!

Call him a specialist (that's like saying closers don't belong in baseball HOF) and I respond that he has a bigger influence on the game than most other "full-time" players. So if your a punter, you have to kick out of bounds (like Kluwe tried to constant boos of the crowd) usually resulting in decent field position for the Bears. How is that not influencing the game.

The same idiots who keep Ray Guy out of the Hall of Fame because all he did was punt, may try to keep him out of the Hall of Fame. But they may not be able to if he continues at this pace for the next few years. Plus his TDs as a receiver can't hurt (kinda like those voters who rationalize voting Dennis Eckersley in because he won a bunch of games a starter).

I think he belongs in the HOF right now. But, in any case, Devin Hester- "You are Ridiculous!"

DA BEARS- 2010 NFC North Champions!

Where will McNabb Be Next Year?

I just can't imagine that Donovan McNabb will be with the Redskins next season.
For a long time I thought that it was inevitable that McNabb would move north to Minnesota. Viqueens would draft a qb and play McNabb for a year or two until the young Qb is ready. Plus, McNabb always plays well against the Bears But Minny maybe moving away from the Andy Reid-Philly influence (Chilly!).
So, McNabb lives in Arizona. The Cardinals need a qb.
So McNabb next year- Washington, Minnesota, Arizona or somewhere else?

Monday, December 20, 2010

Devin Hester- The Best!

Beef 'O' Brady's Bowl Prediction

Going for 4-0! Southern Miss (8-4) vs. Louisville (6-6). Don't care for either of these teams. Louisville is the better defensive team, so that's my pick.

Louisville 28 Southern Mississippi 17

Brett Favre Upgaded to Questionable!

Will he play or won't he!?
More importantly, how will ESPN find enough time to talk about the weather, the frozen field, and the Favre!!

What is it with Packers' Quarterbacks?

First we hear that Aaron Rodgers and Erin Andrews (just rumors!) are dating.
Now, I learn that this is Matt Flynn's girlfriend! He may not have end of the game clock management skills, but he obviously has skills.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Vikings Punter Calls Field Unplayable after Sunday Visit

The joke continues. Here's the story from Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune:

Vikings' Kluwe: TCF Stadium field 'unplayable'
December 19, 2010 1:18 PM

The Minnesota Vikings got the first look at TCF Bank Stadium on Sunday when they held a walk-through at the stadium on the University of Minnesota campus.

Vikings punter Chris Kluwe, who was critical of the decision to play there during the week, called the field "unplayable" on his personal Twitter account. At this point, however, it's unknown what, if anything can be done about the situation. Kluwe added that he has been muzzled, asked not to talk about the field on his Twitter account that has the handle chriswarcraft.

"Serious time -- All respect to the people that cleared the field and got it ready, you did an amazing job. That being said, it's unplayable," Kluwe wrote on his Twitter account.

"The field is as hard as concrete an hour and a half after they took the tarp off, and anyone that hits their head is getting a concussion," he continued. "I find it interesting that the NFL can claim an emphasis on player safety, and then tell us the field is fine. It's beyond hypocritical.

"I can only hope, however unlikely, that no one gets catastrophically injured at the trainwreck that's about to take place tomorrow night.

"To everyone -- that was a totally serious post on the field conditions. It is like walking on concrete. They took the tarp off at the same time they'll take it off before the game. The problem isn't heating it, it's retaining that heat.

"Like a lot of you are saying, hopefully the snow will at least provide a cushion tomorrow night :)

"The difference between TCF and fields you mentioned is they were built for cold weather. They have heating coils so no freezing.

"I've been asked not to tweet anymore about the field so as not to distract teammates (who were there) and I will honor that."

Snow is in the forecast for Monday. The field has been tarped and is being heated while covered, but as Kluwe noted there are not heating coils underneath the field and he believes the surface will become too hard during the game. It's not going to be as cold Monday as had originally been forecasted.

The NFL has committed to playing the game there. Barring something unforeseen, the Bears will depart for Minneapolis soon.

Your Sunday Dose of K

1. Royals agree to trade Zack Greinke to Brewers. Out of the White Sox division and into the Cubs' division. I like it.
2. A 3-0 in my bowl picks. Looks like a 35-0 record is inevitable.
3. While UIC took advantage of the opportunity handed to it, Loyola, once again failed to. Here's hoping that UIC defeat of the Illini doesn't cause the Illini to stop scheduling the series. Here's hoping that Loyola finally gets rid of Coach Whitesell. Another season where the Ramblers beat up on early competition and then lose against decent competition. Playing close games with Butler should not be the goal.
4. ESPN stop comparing UConn's Women's winning streak to UCLA basketball streak, Women's basketball is not comparable to men's hoop! The only reason ESPN is constantly making this ridiculous comparison is because it broadcasts women's basketball. If there was a great streak in hockey, would you even hear about it in ESPN. No, because it doesn't broadcast hockey!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

2-0 With My Bowl Picks!

Only 33 more games to go.
NIU just destroyed Fresno State 40-17. How could the Illini lose to Fresno State?!

Congrats, "All About Steve"!

Woke up this morning and "All About Steve" was just starting on HBO. Well, congrats to all involved for providing me with easily the worst movie that I have seen this year and possibly the worst film that I have seen in several years. I will try to remember Sandra Bullock from much better times in "The Blind Side."

Saturday's Bowl Games

1. New Mexico Bowl- Mike Price ("Roll, Tide, Roll!") is coaching UTEP. That might be the most exciting fact of this match-up of two 6-6 teams. BYU 31 UTEP 24.

2. Humanitarian Bowl- From the blue turf of Boise! NIU was on a real roll until the MAC chcampionship and now Jerry Kill has left to coach the Golphers. Linebackers coach Tom Matukewicz will coach the bowl game. Fresno State is hard to figure out. They finished fourth in the WAC, losing by just one to Nevada, but getting absolutely killed by Boise. They beat Illinois, but that means nothing. NIU 27 Fresno 21.

3, New Orleans Bowl-Ohio v. Troy! You don't care about this game and neither do I. Purely a guess. Troy 35 Ohio 24.

Tom Izzo-Cheater

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Kerry Wood- Returning to Chicago?!

Now is reporting that Kerry Wood is close to returning to the Cubbies!