Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Today's Birthday Girl - Part 2

It's a good day for birthdays. After going old school with Dian Parkinson, let's go a little more contemporary with Kaley Cuoco, Elisha Cuthbert, and Jessalyn Gilsig (played a sex addict on "Nip/Tuck." I think she is on "Glee", but I have never seen that show).

Today's Birthday Girl - Part 1

DIAN PARKINSON!! Yes, I know she is past her prime; however, in her prime-wow!! One of many very attractive Price Is Right Girls!!

Southern Miss Headed to Beef O'Brady Bowl!?

Sorry, i have never heard of "Beef O'Brady" before! I have heard of "Beef-a-reeno'

Monday, November 29, 2010

Mid-Majors Top Twenty -Five


1. Old Dominion (19) 4-1 738 3
2. Gonzaga (6) 3-2 709 1
3. St. Mary's (1) 6-1 702 5
4. Wichita State (4) 3-1 677 4
5. Cleveland State 7-0 647 7
6. VCU 4-1 594 8
7. Butler 3-2 549 2
8. Missouri State 4-2 502 9
9. George Mason 4-2 469 10
10. Loyola (Chicago) (1) 7-0 453 14
11. Kent State 6-1 403 16
12. Murray State 3-3 391 6
13. Creighton 4-2 359 13
14. Oakland 3-3 345 12
15. North Texas 4-1 275 23
16. Rider 4-2 220 15
17. South Dakota State 5-0 201 25
18. Portland 5-2 197 17
19. Ohio 4-2 187 20
20. Northern Iowa 2-2 165 22
21. Vermont 4-1 145 NR
22. College of Charleston 4-3 140 18
23. Appalachian State 2-2 118 21
24. Hampton 5-1 94 NR
25. Coastal Carolina 6-2 90 NR

Selita Ebanks- Reason Enough For Me to Switch From Allstate to State Farm?

Butler Bulldogs Facing K's Schools this Week!

Butler will be without Point Guard Ronald Nored against the Loyola Ramblers on Wednesday, but he's expected back for Saturday's tilt against DUKE!

College Football Viewing

Despite the fact that Boise lost, I loved the fact that when the Broncos got the ball back with just seconds left in the regulation and the game tied, the Broncos tried to score rather than taking a knee and going into overtime.
Arkansas did the same at the end of the first half against LSU and it worked, against the Mad Hatter, too!! Too many college coaches are too conservative.
The college coaching carousel has begin with Randy Shannon at Miami joining the ranks of the unemployed. Will RichRod being joining him?

Your Morning Dose of K!

Rather than turkey overdose, I definitely overdosed on sports these last four days (plus watching all 5 episodes of The Walking Dead), so where do I start......
1. Da Bears!! I was at Soldier Field yesterday watching my Bears take sole possession of first place in the NFC North. I don't care whether or not you think the Bears are "for real", but the 8-3 Bears stopped the "non-stoppable" Michael Vick. Two days ago, the talking heads were proclaiming the Eagles the best team in the NFC. Now....?
2. Stayed up very late to watch the Boise State- Nevada game. While I was absolutely rooting for Nevada, I can't help but fell badly for the Boise State kicker.
3. DUKE -Oregon, no contest. This is a very talented Blue Devils team. It can be very sloppy for portions of the game and then just turn on the turbos and go on a 12-2 like run. The rest of the ACC, so far, looks bad. The Big Ten should easily win the ACC-Big Ten challenge this year. Easily!!
4. Both the Blackhawks and the Bulls return home from "the Circus trip" and both are looking good.
More later...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Good-bye to The Spectrum


With Philadelphia's Spectrum going down, it's time to remember the greatest moment in the history of The Spectrum

White Sox Offer Salary Arb to Paulie and Putz, but not AJ

I'm taking a total wait and see approach on this one.

Loyola Ramblers 6-0!

With yesterday's defeat of the Alabama State Hornets (PG was at the game. I, the couch potato that I have become, laid on my couch watching the Duke-Marquette game and of course some computer porn), the Ramblers are 6-0! The question is will the Ramblers remain undefeated until their home tilt with Butler. A game with the University of San Fran Dons (another fine Jesuit institution) stands in the way.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Second member of Super Bowl Shuffle Becomes NFL Head Coach

Former Chicago Bear Leslie Frazier takes over for Chilly as Minnesota Head Coach. Further proof of the influential value of the Super Bowl Shuffle


1. The Loyola Ramblers are 5-0!
2. Unless Greg Robinson is fired during the week, Ohio State should put a beat-down on Michigan.
3. Could someone please design a better looking trophy for the winner of the Illini-Northwestern game?!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Da Bears!!!

All things considered, 7-3 is real nice!!
Now time to rest up before Michael Vick (that's not so nice!)

You Got To Be Kidding Me!!

The Big Ten will use one endzone for Northwestern-Illinois game at Wrigley. Each time a team is on offense, they will head towards the "safe" endzone. Apparently there are no concerns about someone scoring on defense!!
Amazing, Cubbies can even screw up a college football game!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Eva Longoria To Lose Status As A Top Sports WAG Or Maybe Not

TMZ is reporting that Tony Parker and Eva are divorcing.
But their reps are denying it.


Ron Zook and the Illini- Oh no, Not Good!

After the loss to the Golden Gophers, Illini fans were not happy (understandable, considering that the Gophers were winless int he Big Ten). As I said before, things were looking good for the Illini at 5-3, but now Ron Zook seems to be feeling the heat of pretty much must-win against Northwestern at Wrigley Field (I am guessing that there will be some drinking in Wrigleyville this Saturday. Just maybe). I, personally, am looking forward to a Erin Andrews sighting in the neighborhood.

Northwestern will be without QB Persa. But the Illini fans that I have spoken to, are not very optimistic.

College Hoops Marathon Coninues!

Tulsa defeats bitter cross-town rival Oral Roberts (this is just like the DUKE-Carolina rivalry, but on a much smaller scale and not as important).

Now it's Baylor-LaSalle on my computer!

24 Hours of College Hoops!!

Should be home watching hoops (damn clients!).

But the next best thing- watching on my computer: Northeastern v. Southern Illinois go to overtime.

Monday, November 15, 2010

College Hoops: Kennesaw State 80 Georgia Tech 63

Kennesaw State, they are the Owls, so I am pretty sure this is their mascot.
Gotta love college basketball!!

Chilly Needs to Chill Out

Favre cries after a win (and at press conferences and at breakfast).
Apparently Chilly cries after a defeat!!

Childress said "the Bears pushed in the back a couple of times on Hester's returns Sunday."

I don't know, maybe next try to kick away from Hester!?

In Case You Haven't See This

Andy Reid was a really BIG kid!!

Cameron Crazies Pay Tribute to Drew Everson

a Duke student who died on October 22nd.

College Football Thoughts

1. Illini!?! How could you lose to the Gophers!? Two weeks ago, things were looking up for the Illini @ 5-3, with all three loses against decent teams. Now the Illini have a record of 5-5 and once again Ron Zook is an awful coach. A win over Northwestern @ Wrigley Field may be a must win for Zook to keep his job. BTW, ESPN's College Gameday is coming to Wrigleyville this Saturday.
2. Hard to root for Auburn if you watched the last few minutes of the Georgia win. Two Auburn players were ejected. Then again, don't really want to see TCU or Boise in the BCS title game.
3. Wisconsin is being ripped all over for running up the score against the Hoosiers. Third time this season that the Badgers are getting ripped for running up the score.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Da Bears 27 Viqueens 13

Bears at 6-3, while the Bret Favres drop to 3-6.
1. On Saturday night, Visanthe Shiancoe tweeted: "I'm hungry for Bear.. anyone want to join me for a feast?" I would like to suggest The Grizzly Lounge on North Lincoln Avenue, which serves exotic burgers. You obviously were not talking about your team's play at Soldier Field, were you? Wow, you are 3-5 and you are going on the road and you are trash-talking (or "trash-tweeting")!?! Well, now you are 3-6, and guess what, so far no tweets from you. Interesting. Gee, maybe it's not all Chilly's fault. Just maybe.
2. Brett Favre, thank you for the 4 turnovers. Cutler outplays Favre!! Wow!! Favre's post-game speech sounded like a retirement speech. A far cry from Favre singing "Pants on the ground" after games last season.
3. Thank you for kicking and punting to Devin Hester! Thank you.

Friday, November 12, 2010

ESPN College Hoops Predictions

Most of the "experts" have Duke in the title game, many with Michigan State as the opponent. A few interesting picks. Gottlieb has Duke v. Illinois in the title game!! Joe Lunardi has Michigan State and Gonzaga in the title game!!

Favre-Childress Feud (NSFW)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Birthday to One of HM's Favorites!! (Oh never mind)

Swear to God that I was just looking at HM's old post on Krista Allen earlier today without any idea that it is her birthday!!
UPDATED: Sorry-not her birthday. Some other actress named Christa Allen.
Still. a total babe, birthday or not!!

Countdown: Three Days To Duke Opener

Watched the College of Charleston v. Maryland Twerps game last night. Apparently I was more interested in the game than Maryland fans. Go ahead Twerps make funny of the Cameron Crazies for painting themselves blue. Apparently many of you dressed as empty seats for yesterday's game. You gotta come out for more than just the DUKE and UNC games. Do you think Cameron will be packed on Sunday for the Princeton game!? Without a doubt!!
Go to hell, Carolina, go to hell!!!

Happy Veterans' Day

One of My Favorite Movies of all Time is Appollo 13.

I just wanted you to know that.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Have A Laugh

"Tragedy"- The Waste of Human Potential

Took an English lit class in college, where I remember one thing the professor taught us. The definition of "tragedy" is the waste of human potential. I recalled yesterday for two reasons.
1. "The Best that Never Was"- watched the "30 for 30" on Marcus Dupree last night. If you know who Marcus Dupree is, watch this show. If you don't know who Marcus Dupree is, watch this show. At 2 hours, the program was a little too long, but still a must-see. Still have my old copy of "Sport" magazine (remember that!) with Marcus Dupree on the cover with the following quote: "Marcus Dupree. Will he be the first sophomore to win the Heisman Trophy?"
2. Yesterday, I read that former Bull Quintin Dailey died at the age of 49.
Dailey pleaded guilty of sexual assault on a University of San Fran nursing student. Bulls drafted him anyway. Women's' organizations protested in front of the old Chicago Stadium. He had a 40 plus scoring game for the Bulls, but also once was shown eating popcorn and a hot dog on the bench. Drug use and other erratic behavior marred his career in the NBA.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Buehrle Wins Second Golden Glove Award

No surprise here. Buehrle made one of the top fielding plays of the year on opening day and won the award last year. One you win the award, it's yours to lose the following year. The voters will simply write you in unless you have an awful year with the glove.

Next Time You Are Staring at a Chick's Ass...

(which for me will be in about 10 minutes), don't forget to check out the shoes (or boots)!!

Colorado Finally Fires Dan Hawkins...

replaces him with ex-Chicago Bear Super Bowl Champ Brian Cabral.
It is amazing that Hawkins lasted this long with a 19-39 record! But the real lesson might be for Boise State's Chris Petersen- don't leave Boise State!! At least recently, Boise State coaches don't do well at other schools.
Hawkins, who Petersen replaced, was 53-11 at Boise.
Dirk Koetter was 26-10 @ Boise, but fired after 6 seasons at Arizona State. You have to go back to Koetter's predecessor at Boise, Houston Nutt to find someone who succeeded elsewhere. But even then Houston Nutt was at Boise for only one season and he was 5-6 with the Broncos!

Monday, November 08, 2010

At Least The Cowboys Still Have Great Cheerleaders!!!

ESPN is reporting that Jerry Jones has fired Wade Phillips.

Jason Garrett takes over.

Speaking of College Hoops...

Check out Oregon's new basketball court!

College Hoops Start Tonight

My bad- so focused on when DUKE starts to play that I didn't realize that there are some games starting tonight.
I guess I am easily distracted.
Might check out Rhode Island at Pitt.

How Does Brad Penny Get Engaged to Karina Smirnoff?

A $95,000 engagement ring certaintly helps!! This dude has previously dated Alyssa Milano and Eliza Dushku! Amazing!


1. College Football: Illinois-Michigan, far from a great game, but certainly one of the most entertaining that I have seen in a long time. The college overtime rules were perfect for this game since neither team played any defense. RichRod probably saved his job with the win (but Michigan better beat Purdue), but DC Greg Robinson should still be out. That game plus the fourth quarter of the LSU-Bama game (The Mad Hatter strikes again!) made for a great Saturday of college football.
2. NFL: I am kinda surprised that Buffalo has not yet one a game this season. Certainly my view may be distorted by the fact that they just played the Bears, but Ryan Fitzpatrick is not an awful quarterback (certainly better than anyone on the Carolina Panthers roster!). Decent receivers plus CJ Spiller at running back!! The Dallas Cowboys are just awful!!! Whether or not it's Wade's fault, Jerry Jones has got to fire him very soon.
3. Conan is back tonight finally!
4. College Hoops is almost here- (Duke v. Princeton on Sunday!).

Thursday, November 04, 2010


Her birthday was November 1st, but she's a K-Line favorite and a fellow Southsider (as someone recently reminded me, pronounced "Sout-side"), so we have to wish a Happy Birthday even if we are a few days late!!


Quinn Cook Commits to DUKE!

From Twitter: "Quin Cook has committed to Duke, citing his relationships with Coach K and Austin Rivers as two major factors in the decision."

This will hopefully allow TEG, HM and I rid ourselves of the bad taste of Quin Synder as a Duke point guard!



Highly rated PG Quinn Cook to announce his college choice today. It's down to UCLA or Duke.

If he picks Duke, one can only hope that he's better than the last point guard at DUKE named Quinn!!

Your Morning Dose of K

1. As I said would happen, Ryne Sandberg says bye to the Cubbies.
2. So you telling me that Jarod from Subway is training for the marathon, but Donovan McNabb in not in cardiovascular shape to run the 2-minute drill!
3. DePaul's Oliver Purnell reading the K-Line? At a recent media day, Purnell discussed a tournament of Chicago college hoops called the "The Chicago 5"!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Baseball Done. Up Next College Basketball

The World Series is over (congrats to ex- White Sox Juan Uribe and Aaron Rowland). But we are now less than 2 weeks away from the Blue Devils' Season Opener against the Princeton Tigers!

Monday, November 01, 2010

Reports: Vikes Release Randy Moss!!

Belichick looking like a genius once again.
Got a third round pick for Moss and a seventh round pick.

11 Years Ago Today, The World Lost Sweetness


Can't embed the above video, and maybe that's good because I can't watch that video without tearing up.