Thursday, September 30, 2010

Vivica Fox-Looking Damn Good

Stopped by a 7-Eleven today to get some coffee and my eye caught this GREAT pic of Vivica Fox (it's got to be air-bushed, right?!) on this magazine cover.
But I wasn't sure if I was allowed to purchase the mag.

Breaking News- Austin Rivers Commits to Duke

Doc's kid

Life As A Duke Fan (Language- NSFW)

But Very Funny!

It's All About the Rings!

Last night the Stanley Cup Champions recieved their bling.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Monday, September 27, 2010

RIP, George Blanda

Hall of Fame
Bears, Oilers, and Raiders

Cara Buono Overload Last Night

Started with "Mad Men. "
Then fell asleep to "Beer League."
Should have tried to catch a re-run of "Sopranos.'

Singletary in Official Panic Mode?

Fires offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye.

Last Night's TV Viewing

Mad Men: A- (second best episode of the season)

Rubicon: B+ (I know that this show isn't every one's cup of tea, but I love the pace of this show)

Eastbound and Down: B+ ("Hey boss, it looks like we got a fucking racist Mexican here!")

Bored to Death: C- (may stop watching this show)

Still haven't watched the first two episodes of "Boardwalk Empire."

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

LeBron Haters Might Want To Avoid ESPN

Looks like typical ESPN overkill startign with trainign camp.

Twins 5 Tribe 1

From Joe Cowley's Twitter Page:

What have we learned today? The Twins are better than the Sox even hungover and with champagne-eye

Gonna miss Joe next season when he's off the White Sox beat.

Hope-It's A Good Thing


That's the best you are gonna get from me, so don't press it!
(I got to say not a bad looking shirt)

BTW, not only is hockey a couple weeks away, but Midnight Madness and college hoops is just around the corner.

The Miller Lite Sign Outside of Wrigley

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


According to Blogger's "traffic stats" on The K-Line, this post from 2007 has gotten the most page visits from Google search.

Who would have figured?! So much for serious sports journalism and Thank you Joyce Hyser!!

Also frequently visted were my posts on Hot Sports Wives and Girlfriends

Your Morning Dose of K

1. Jets' Braylon Edwards arrested this morning (5:00am!!) for DWI. Twice the legal limit. No comment yet from Joe Namath.

2. Joe Torre reportedly tells WFAN in New York concerning the Mets' managerial job: "I'm curious." Joe Torre has always been considered classy. Then someone should remind him that the Mets job is not vacant!! Jerry Manuel has not been fired, has he?

3. Blackhawks' preseason game tomorrow!?! Really? The offseason is over? The NHL off-season is what, 6 weeks?

Sad News-Just Sad

Monday, September 20, 2010

Top Ten Brett Favre Excuses As To Why He Sucked Agaisnt the Dolphins

10. What's the big deal, this is only my fourth preseason game!
9. Still obsessing over Jenn Sterger.
8. Wondering why Inez Sainz doesn't visit our locker room instead of the Jets' locker room!
7. As a great teammate, I just wanted to make sure that T-Jack finally gets the chance that he truly deserves, but Chilly refused to pull me.
6. Just as everyone predicted, as soon as the Twins moved out of the dome and to an outside stadium, we stink!
5. How can I "gel" with my "teammates" when only a handful of them flew down to Mississippi to recruit me? Where was the rest of the team? What were they doing that was so important?
4. What do you guys expect, I ain't Aaron Rodgers!?
3. I was sick of everyone in Minnesota (like that HM guy) bitchin' about the Gophers losing to South Dakota State, so I wanted everyone mad at us instead and I gave them someone else to bitch about!
2. I kept looking for Randy Moss and I couldn't find him!!
1. Ain't I retired?
(Still 14 games to go, so let's not get too excited about Favre's suckiness. But it is fun!)

"Gutsiest" Call Ever in College Football?

Since I was still hungover while watching this game, I asked myself "Did that just happen'?

Amazing call. Bad Pass- game over. Trying to remember the circumstances of Boise State two-point conversion against Oklahoma (e.g., would 1 have tied it and 2 win it), but this is right up there. AS I told TOC, ND could just as easily be 3-0, but thus far no "luck of the Irish" for Notre Dame!

Some Pictures of Serious Journalist Inez Sainz

I know I am late to this issue- but I wanted to share some pictures of fellow serious sports journalist
Inez Sainz.

The K-Line Will Be Back Better Than Ever

I needed some time off from blogging (maybe it was a "mid-life crisis?"). But after encouragement from TEG, TOC and the Tyler Rose (and indirectly from Duelingcouches) and after some reflection I have realized that
1. Life is good; and,
2. like Jimmy Chitwood, "I don't know if it will make a difference, but it is time for me to blog again!"
I will try to be a little more serious in upcoming posts, like a real journalist, so I think my next post will be "Why Brett Favre Sucks!"
Life is good!