Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Morning...

March Madness Preview? So, the Badgers lose to Iowa (who then lose to the Illini) and then beat the Buckeyes!
BTW, I know that the Buckeyes destroyed DUKE early in the season, but not very impressed with Buckeyes lately. DUKE- much better team on the road than at home?!!!!

Kansas- Missouri on Saturday was a great game. Too bad it appears that this rivalry will be ending. Overall, conference realignment SUCKS (yep, I was an English major!). Totally hurts the fans- including students. But of course, college is all about the almighty dollar, right?

Watched some of VCU-George Mason on Saturday. Gosh, I hope VCU is back in the tournament this year. That team likes to run! Up by 18 in the second half and they kept pressing full-court!! A home game for VCU, it was another sell-out for the Rams. Might not be so easy to steal Shaka Smart away (hear that Illini fans!).

And finally, a good article on Bruce Weber and misplaced expectations at U of I:

It will be interesting to see how Weber does at his next coaching gig- at a mid-major.

Friday, February 24, 2012

I Just Listened to The Ryan Braun Press Conference

and now..

And the Lakers Have Decided to Get Even Older!

Rasheed Wallace to sign with the Lakers!? Well, at least the cheerleaders are young.

The Truth WIll Set You Free- Hopefully

I have not heard one medical professional state that the fact that the urine sample was not delivered immediately to the testing center would taint the results.

Maybe I should pee in a cup. Wait a few days and then have it tested and see if I have extremely elevated levels of "something"?

Ryan Braun Press Conference

At this point, I don't believe that Ryan Braun was clean. Got lucky on a "chain of custody" issue. Will be interesting to see the arbitrator's written ruling. But initial reaction, this is not good for baseball.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

On This President's Day, I Wonder...

what ever happened to Obama Girl!?

Season 3 Premiere of "Eastbound and Down"

Pretty decent. Don't want to ruin it for those who have not seen it. And it look like there were be some interesting sights in future episodes.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Finally Some Love for Glen Grunwald!

If the Knicks actually sign JR Smith today as rumored, Glen will get more praise. That is, until the Knicks lose again. Such is the life of a GM.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Not Ron Swanson, but still

And in Sports.....

Another loss for the Blackhawks.....Another chapter of the Jeremy Lin Story with a game winner 3 pointer.....White Sox sign Fukudome.....Bulls win without D Rose...No one at ESPN is covering the UVA Lacrosse murder trial. Not sexy enough for them. Throw in Duke, race and rape allegations and then you have media overblown cover. Murder? Nah....

Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Go to Hell, Carolina, Go to Hell !!!

Thank you, Austin Rivers!!

And Thank you, Tilted Kilt! The Carolina couple ran out of the bar damn fast after Austin's incredible 3!

At the 2:34 mark up by 10, Roy Williams calls a time-out (Duke only has 1 TO left!) DUKE responds with a 3 after the TO! Thank you, Roy! 7 point lead at the 1:59 mark, Roy calls another TO! UNC almost immediate turnover and DUKE hits a 3!

Thanks for over-coaching, Roy! Thank you for the basket, Zeller!!

Random Thoughts

HM, please stop bidding on this!

2. Jack in the Box has a Bacon Milkshake!

3. Go to hell, Carolina, Go to hell!! Unfortunately, I am not optimistic about the Blue Devils' chances for tonight (game in Chaple Hill). Tar Holes 84 DUKE 72.

Everyone Has to Start Somewhere!

Forbes' Most Disliked Athletes

1 – Tiger Woods 60%
1 – Michael Vick 60%
3 – Plaxico Burress 56%
4 – Ndamukong Suh 51%
5 – Kris Humphries 50%
6 – LeBron James 48%
7 – Kobe Bryant 45%
7 – Terrell Owens 45%
9 – Alex Rodriguez 44%
10 – Kurt Busch 42%

Tigers Woods #1- still? Why? Tiger had sex with a lot of women. A LOT OF WOMEN! Granted, he cheated on his wife but isn't that between them? Big Ben has been accused of doing much worse with women (did any of Tiger's mistresses claim "rape"or non-consnet? No. Pretty much the opposite.), yet he is not even on the list.

Suh- ha! Nice rep you have carved out thus far.

Terrell Owens still is considered an athlete?!

Go to Hell, Carolina, Go to Hell !!!

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Kobe- Greatest Laker Ever?!!

ah, Lakers I rank ahead of Kobe
(not necessarily in order)


2. Kareem

3. Wilt

4. Jerry West

5. George Mikan

6. Elgin Baylor

7. James Worthy

8. Shaq

9. Kurt Rambis

10. Orlando Woolridge

To be continued.... (Screw Kobe!)