Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dang- I always get this notices at the last minute!! Got plans tonight to watch a lot of programs that I Tivo-ed.

Monday, October 29, 2007




to include stop for Papelbon to do his dance!!!! Alright, daddy3dog, defend your boys now!!


Friday, October 26, 2007

First, he fails to discipline Zeke, stating that "sexual harassment" is a civil matter. Second, his response to referees gambling- okay, I'm gonna change the rules and let them gamble a little. Huh?! Oh yeah, poor old NBA referees, who make a ton of money, god forbid we require that you not gamble as part of your job. I guess Stern has never heard of "avoiding the appearance of impropriety"? Sure, Mr. Stern, let you NBA referees go to the casinos, let them lose alot of money to the brink of bankruptcy. And then, when they are faced with the possibility of losing everything, they decided that one way out is to fix a game!!! The NBA already has an image problem. Making your players wear nice clothes is not enough to help the image problem!!

Are you sick of Boston sports yet?
1. Red Sox in the World Series, 2 wins away from another championship and entering full fledged status as the Evil Empire. (BTW, why I generally like the Red Sox- what did you actually think I was gonna root for the Yankees, got you, Andy-add the Red Sox bullpen to my list of dislikes for that stupid, insipid clanking in the bullpen during the game).
2. New England Patriots- undefeated, appear to be on cruise control to Super bowl victory #4 for Brady and Belicheck.
3. Boston College Eagles- stay undefeated with a great last 3 minutes of the game! Another BC QB could win the Heisman, even though Tim Tebow deserves it more but won't get it because he is a sophomore. BC should stay undefeated until the ACC Championship game, where it may face Va Tech again.
4. Celtics- the season has not even started and the Eastern Conference crown is all but being handed to the new Celts. Celtics' fans certainly feel that way!! Hopefully the Baby Bulls will run circles around the Old Men in Green!
5. Bruins- I have no idea hope the Bruins are doing, but even once in a while, I will hear: "even the Bruins are doing well."
Enough already!!

Reason for celebration?
Could it be a celebration of the 2 year anniversary of the White Sox winning the World Series (doesn't 2 years sound alot better than 99 years!!!!)?
It could be, but it isn't. It is the birthday # 9 for the world's greatest nephew! Love ya, bud!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

2008 Center-fielder for the White Sox?
Torii Hunter? Andruw Jones? Aaron Rowland?
Miami Dolphins-Shut up!
I am gettign a little sick of the Dolphins- both the current team and the '72 ("Perfect Team"). As to the current team- when you are 0-7 and you really suck, just shut your mouth and try to get better. Stop crying about the Pats kicking your butts!! Of course, the Pats don't respect you-it's because you suck!!!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Get ready to get sick of seeing Affleck everywhere the next few days. He was on ESPN this morning!
Rockies in 7! Or maybe the Red Sox in 5! I don't know?

Monday, October 22, 2007

While I generally like the Red Sox, Papelbon is getting closer to being added to my list of most hated athletes- mostly for that mighty gay celebration dance!! The only thing missing is Dane Cook as a dance partner! Wasn't too crazy about Ortiz wearing protective goggles in the dugout in the ninth inning- I kow the game was over, but c'mon. Papi's wife (at least from this picture) doesn't look too bad, so he redeems himself slightly. Red Sox Nation- better chill a little and get used to no longer being the "lovable underdog", as I am guessing most of the non-Red Sox nation will be rooting for the Rockies. Duke went from being the team the nation loved (versus the evil UNLV) to being, well, you know, apparntly some people you don't know better root agaisnt Duke! Terry Francona- an amazing record in elimination games, something like 7-1. The one defeat, yes- by the White Sox.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

ESPN is reporting that the Yankees offered Joe Torre a one-year contract and Joe replied, "No, thanks!" http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/news/story?id=3069115

So the Cleveland Indians have arranged for Danielle Peck (I never heard of her before) to sing before the start of tonight's game. Well, she just happens to be the ex-girlfriend of Josh Beckett, who starting for Boston in tonight's game. Indians are claiming they had no idea! Well, if that's true, I wonder how much they like the picture of Peck in a Red Sox T-shirt!!

Bad news for Romo?
First, the Pats take care of the Cowboys, as if it was a mere formality. Now, it looks like Carrie Underwood is no longer his girl, if she ever was.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

All right, I am going to stop picking agaisnt the Rockies in the playoffs and officially declare my man-love for Rookie of the Year (and fellow Pole, I hope!)
Troy Tulowitzki!! So here we go, World Series prediction- Rockies in 4 !!! BTW, I am pretty sure that the Rockies play at Comiskey next season, I am will see a World Series team, one way or another next season (TEG, you could always send me World Series tics!)

Friday, October 12, 2007

A Couple of new ones of Ms. Adam Archuleta- #3 on the list of Top Twenty Sports Wives/Significant Others!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

NLCS- I picked Arizona at the beginning of the playoffs, but how can you not be impressed with the Rockies!? I think Brandon Webb will have to win 2 and maybe three games for the D-Backs to win. Hopefully, the D-Backs will not be jinxed by the presence of HM at game #2. I'll stick with Arizona. D-Backs in 7.
ALCS- It is hard to pick a team that has Borowski as its closer. I will go with the Red Sox in 6.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Best Pics of Tara Reid that I have seen in a while.
Thanks, FHM!
Here's hoping that Tom O'Brien got a huge raise when he left Boston College for NC State.
B.C. is 6-0, with ND next on its schedule. NC State is
1-5 (Duke fans are targeting State as win #2 for the Blue Devils this season)!

I just think that the world would be a much safer place if all "hustlers" identified themselves as such. That's the problem with
e-mail scams, they all sound so legitimate. Kudos to this young lady for identifying herself as a hustler!

I will have my predictions for the NLCS and ALCS tomorrow...Last week Monday (before the Rockies-Padres tiebreaker game) Daddy3dog and I made our quick predictions for the World Series and I went with- Boston v. Arizona. Do I stick with that pick?...As Whitey has reminded me this is the year for Ohio/Cleveland sports teams to make it to the championship and lose. Buckeyes in both football and basketball make it to the title game and lose. The Cavs lose in the NBA finals. I think the Cleveland Arena Football team did the same thing. Does that mean that the Tribe makes it to the World Series and loses to Arizona or Colorado?... If you believe in trends, you should pick the Rockies, a wild-card team to make it to the World Series. 2006- Detroit; 2005-Houston; 2004-Red Sox; 2003-Marlins; 2002- both S.F. and Anaheim: all wild card teams! Good omen for the Rockies!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

So who put Grossman in a Romo jersey last night?


Monday, October 08, 2007

Al Sharpton want Zeke to apologize to black women!
So Thomas' defense is that the videotaped dep was "spliced"!?! (Is that the basis for the appeal?)
So, let me make sure I understand this Isiah. You basically accusing the plaintiffs' lawyers of tampering with the evidence and major ethical violations. In addition you must be calling your own legal team- morons because, to continue with your argument, your legal team did not have a copy of the "true deposition" that they could immediately supply to the court and at the very least, call for an immediate mistrial! Here's hoping that Sharpton doesn't buy Zeke's ridiculous argument!

College Football Report:
HM already has a post up about this week's rankings. Not going to repeat what the Master has already stated other than to state again that Wisconsin being ranked ahead of the Illini (the Sun-Times' Herb Gould voted Wisconsin #11 and the Illini #16!!) is *#&%## I can't even think of a word to describe it... Hey BCS fans, how about a South Florida- Boston College title game!? USF is undefeated and the toughest teams on its schedule are Cincinnati and Louisville...Stanford over USC a bigger upset than App. State over Michigan? Sure Stanford's upset was a huge victory by my former "neighbor" and fellow Duke Hoops fan Jim Harbaugh (in the 1992 NCAA championship game, Harbaugh was in Minnesota rooting for the Blue Devils over Michigan- his Alma mater!!), but I go with App. State over Michigan!! Stanford is in the same conference has USC- whether they belong there or not. Both schools are allowed the same number of scholarships. The Cardinal plays USC every year or almost every year and certainly scouts the Trojans alot more than App State can scout anyone.

as long as the Bears beat the Packers.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Cubs being done in by the ex-Chicago factor. Former White Sox farmhand Chris Young (traded for Javier Vazquez) hits a three-run home run last night. Former Cubs IF Augie Ojeda killing the Cubs both at the plate and in the field (D-Lee tried to take Ojeda out to break-up the double play but Augie, about half the size of D-Lee stood his ground). Even Manager Bob Melvin, who is out coaching Sweet Lou thus far was a White Sox, briefly at the end of his playing career.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Why did Lou pull out Zambrano?
Well, thanks to www.theheckler.com , we now know why.

Piniella pulled Zambrano because he was acting 'too normal'
Thursday, Oct. 4, 2007

The question loomed before game one of the NLDS in Arizona Wednesday night, would the demonstrative and always unpredictable Carlos Zambrano be too amped up for the most important start of his career? But for once, Big Z steered clear of any goofball antics on the mound and simply pitched and that's just why his manager pulled him only to see the bullpen quickly surrender the ballgame.With the game tied at one heading into the seventh, Cubs skipper Lou Piniella uncharacteristically pulled his ace after just 85 pitches, a move that would prove to backfire on the veteran manager."Look, Carlos was acting too normal all night long--no cramping or any bizarre gestures to the crowd," said Piniella. "I wanted him to get crazy out there on the mound and he just was not responding, so I had to yank him."So why exactly didn't Zambrano freak out? No temper tantrums. No bats broken over his knee. Nothing Cubs fans are used to seeing from the firery starter. Why?"Big Z took a double dose of his medications before the game," said Zambrano. "And Big Z washed it down with a full case of Gatorade. Big Z really like that new mango flavor."

By Jeremy Barewin

Without further delay, Tom Brady's Main Squeeze,
#1. Giselle Bundchen: She's Giselle "F-ing" Bundchen!! Rolling Stone Magazine called her the most beautiful woman in the world. Hey, that might be a reach (she is one of the richest supermodels in the world- so huge bonus points there!), and if I was doing a list of top Victoria's Secret Models, she would probably be no higher than #3, but none of those models are dating any athletes, as far as I know. Tom Brady- how much can you envy one guy!!!