Friday, January 28, 2011

Save Kyrie's Toe

Super Bowl News- Sending out Stripper Bat-Signal

In case there is a shortage of ladies at your local strip club, here's why.
Dallas calling for all strippers to "come on down" to help meet the anticipated need during Super Bowl week.

Whatever Happened to the "Jewish Jordan"?

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Your Morning Dose of K!

1. Jeff Fisher out as Titans' coach. Strange timing on this. Former Bear, Jeff Fisher, is still loved by many in this town as expect to hear some fans calling for Fisher to replace Lovie. Vince Young appears to be still out of Tennessee, with the latest rumor heaving him land in Minnesota!
2. Duke- just another victory for the Devils.
3. Indiana defeats Illinois. Big (or sorry, B1G) much needed victory for the Hoosiers. This has been a one sided rivalry lately and it will be much better for the Big Ten if Indiana is decent and this returns to a heated rivalry. Not surprisingly, moments after the Indiana victory, the "Fire Bruce Weber" chants echoed throughout the state.
4. D Rose with a much deserved starting berth in the all-star game!!
5. Charlie Sheen appears to be alright. See, your mother was wrong- you can party for 36 hours with porn stars and you will be alright!!

Tracy Morgan Simply Answers A Question....Honestly

Monday, January 24, 2011


Saw a pretty amazing stat (at least in my opinion) this morning. In the last 10 Super Bowls, the NCF has been represented by 10 different teams. Starting with the Packers and going back:
1. Packers 2. Saints 3. Cardinals 4 .Giants 5. Bears 6. Seahawks 7. Eagles 8. Panthers
9. Buccaneers 10. Rams
In the AFC, not so much parity, as the Patriots, Colts and Steelers have dominated- appearing in the last 8 Super Bowls. Who was the last team other than one of those three to represent the AFC? Answer in the comments section of this post.

How I get over the Bears' Defeat!!

Why Blame Cutler- It was the SI COVER JINX!!

SI released two covers this past week. One with the Bears, the other with the Jets. Which teams last this weekend- Bears & Jets! Coincidence? Of course not!! Focus on the real reason for the defeat and don't step on any cracks on the sidewalk on the way to work today (unless you are calling in sick, i.e., "pulling a Cutler").

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Big Ben- Getting a Taste of his own medicine

As Cutler Becomes the Scapegoat, Hanie almost becomes a Folk Hero

Jay Cutler- Not Exactly Loved In Chicago Right Now

Not just questioned by just fans- but by current and former NFLers! Fair or foul? May be it doesn't matter- in politics and sports, often, "perception is reality."
Jay, your public perception is not good.



Our Papa Bear, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy fame, thy championship come, thy play be run, at home as it is away, give us this day our Sunday win, and forgive us our turnovers, though we pounce on those who turnover against us, and lead us not into fourth and long, but deliver us from Rodgers. In the name of the Ditka, the Butkus and the Holy Payton. As it was in 1985 so it shall be in 2011, reign without end.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Championship Game Picks

NFC: Packers @ Bears- As I told TOC, I didn't want to make this pick. Just can't be objective. Hoping that home field and special teams is the difference. Bears 24 Packers 21

AFC: Jets @ Pittsburgh- You can really make a case for both teams. In my own mind I go back and forth on this one. I will go with the Steelers. Steelers 27 Jets 19

Chicago Sports Scene- It's Alright!

It's no surprise that it has been all Packers-Bears this week. Today sports radio shows, including ESPN's Scott Van Pelt Show, are broadcasting from bars all over the city. Win or lose on Sunday, it is not a bad time to be a Chicago sports fan.
1. Bears- wow, thinking back to the preseason, when things looks bleak, to the NFC North Champions and the NFC championship game.
2. Bulls- with yesterday's win, the Bulls are 15 games above .500 and the third best record in the East. This despite Noah and Boozer missing numerous games to injuries.
3. Blackhawks- the defending Stanley Cup champions!! While this year doesn't match up to last season, thus far, The Roar is back at the Madhouse at Madison.
4. White Sox- have to be optimistic with the off-season moves.
5. Cubs- and well , the Cubs, ah, ah......
Enjoy Chicago. As we know, things are not always this good. And you could always be a poor Cleveland sports fan!

Feeling Anxious, Nervious.....

I wonder why?

Not getting much work done today. There will be some praying. Okay, lots of praying!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Commercial You Won't See on the Oprah Network

Ricky Gervais to Guest Star on the Office

Will most likely NOT get nominated for a "Golden Globe" for his appearance.

A Couple More Packers Jokes

1. There were three football fans walking towards the Football Hall of Fame when all of a sudden one of them notices a naked leg sticking out of the bushes. They moved closer and and noticed
that it was a dead naked woman. Out of respect for the woman the Bears fan took off his Bears cap and covers her right breast. Then out of respect to the woman the Vikings fan removes his Vikings hat and covers her left breast. Last but not least the Packers fan removes his Packers hat and set it on her crotch. Shortly after that the sheriff arrives and starts his inspection. He
picked up the Bears cap and put it back down and jotted down a few notes. Then he looked under the Vikings cap and put it back down and jotted down a few notes. Then the sheriff looked under the Packers cap and put it back down. Then he picked it back up again and put it back down. And he did it again. The Packers fan got upset and asked the sheriff why he kept looking under his cap? The sheriff said "every time I see a Packers cap I am used to seeing an asshole."

2. K is at the Tilted Kilt in downtown Chicago. As his luck continues, his team is winning at the Kilt so he is feeling prideful, helped by his consumption of a few beverages. So he turns to the guy next to him and asks "Do you want to hear a Packers joke?" The guy responds- "Hey, I'm a Packers fan and I'm 6'2", 250. Next to me are two more Packers fans, but over 6 feet tall and over 240. Now are you sure you want to tell a Packers joke now!?" K responds: "Not if I have to explain the joke three times!"


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ashley Madison Rejected Superbowl Spot

It's Bears- Packers NFC Title Game Week,

so how about a Packers joke.

A Bears fan, Packers fan, and a Vikings fan climb up a mountain. The Vikings fan screams out "This is for all the Vikings fans!" and he jumps off the mountain. So then the Bears' fan screams "This is for all the Bears fans" and he pushes the Packers fan off the mountain.


Soldier Field, Hopefully, But Probably the Kilt

There is still a chance that I may be at Soldier Field for the NFC Championship. Bears are 3-0 with yours truly in attendance for the game (Eagles, Jets, and Seahawks playoff game). But tickets are difficult to say the least. Zach Zaidman just tweeted that: According to StubHub: Bears -Packers game has already surpassed the gross sales of last year’s NFC Championship Game. Bold
But that was expected, I mean last year was Saints-Vikings. I mean talk about night and day.

So, as superstitious as I am , it looks like I will have to go to the Tilted Kilt. McLovin and I are
4-0, at least, when watching games at the Kilt. That will blow my diet, but that is the least I can do for DA BEARS!

Longhorn TV

From Darren Rovell's Twitter Account:

ESPN's 20-year, $300M deal with Texas for the Longhorn Network makes ND look like the Little Sisters of the Poor

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Milton Bradley Arrested

NFL About-Face: Jim Cornelison to Sing National Anthem

Since it's the Playoffs, the NFL and not the Bears decide the National Anthem singers, etc. The NFL was gonna have some local American Idol dude sing (Fox tie-in with its dying program) but Bears fans obviously wanted Jim Cornelison to sing and fire up the crowd. The American Idol dude will be signing at halftime, so that's the only part of the NFC championship game that HM may watch- depending on what's on the Oprah Network.


Now there are Bears' fans worried about the SI Cover Jinx!
Bring on the Packers!

Division Rivals Meeting in the Conference Championship Game


1971 AFC – Miami Dolphins 21, Baltimore Colts 0
Regular season: Both teams had one win each

1972 NFC – Washington Redskins 26, Dallas Cowboys 3
Regular season: Both teams had one win each

1977 AFC – Denver Broncos 20, Oakland Raiders 17
Regular season: Both teams had one win each

1978 AFC – Pittsburgh Steelers 34, Houston Oilers 5
Regular season: Both teams had one win each

1979 AFC – Pittsburgh Steelers 27, Houston 13
Regular season: Both teams had one win each

1980 NFC – Philadelphia Eagles 20, Dallas Cowboys 7
Regular season: Both teams had one win each

1982 AFC – Miami Dolphins 14, New York Jets 0
Regular season: Miami won both regular season games. Note: the 1982 season was shortened to nine games due to a player's strike.

1982 NFC – Washington Redskins 31, Dallas Cowboys 17
Regular season: Dallas won the lone regular season game. Note: the 1982 season was shortened to nine games due to a player's strike.

1983 AFC – Los Angeles Raiders 30, Seattle Seahawks 14
Regular season: Seattle won both regular season games

1985 AFC – New England Patriots 31, Miami Dolphins 14
Regular season: Both teams had one win each

1986 NFC – New York Giants 17, Washington Redskins 0
Regular season: New York won both regular season games

1989 NFC – San Francisco 30, Los Angeles Rams 3
Regular season: Both teams had one win each

1992 AFC – Buffalo Bills 20, Miami Dolphins 10
Regular season: Both teams had one win each

1999 AFC – Tennessee Titans 33, Jacksonville Jaguars 14
Regular season: Tennessee won both regular season games

2008 AFC – Pittsburgh Steelers 23, Baltimore Ravens 14
Regular season: Pittsburgh won both regular season games


Among Showtime's new shows, Shameless has gotten more publicity, but so far I like Episodes better.

What a Difference A Year Makes...

Last year the Bears were very interested in interviewing Jeremy Bates for the OC position. He previously was Cutler's QB coach in Denver so it seemed like a good fit. Bates turned down even a meeting with the Bears and took the offensive coordinator position with the Seahawks. Bears had to "settle' for Mike Martz.
Today Seattle fired Jeremy Bates!!
Funny how things work out!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Getting Ready For Bears- Packers

Ryan Grant's Twitter Guarantee

From Packer Ryan Grant- "1st n last tweet .Pack Fans might want 2 start booking flights 4 feb. Not looking ahead but u c we just have better players than other teams."

If you back up the trash talk ala the Jets agaisnt the Patriots, then it's fine.

But if not.......

Great Headline From Deadspin!

Yeah, I think Brady will survive!

Bears-Packers, the Build-Up Begins!!

Bears 35 Seahawks 24

Now it's the Packers at Soldier Field for the Halas Trophy.
The Packers an early 3.5 pt favorite.

The build-up in town this week will be incredible.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The 20 Hottest Chicks Who Have Turned Down Playboy

A pretty good list. A few omissions. Nikki Cox for one.

Another Couch Potato Saturday!

Just watched Duke defeat UVa.
Next, Ravens- Steelers. Then, Packers- Falcons.
Need to fit in Blackhawks @ Predators, and of course Heat @ Bulls.
I'll deal with the cold weather tomorrow at Soldier Field re Seahawks-Bears! Da Bears.

Still need to hire that live-in maid to cook and clean for me so that I can be firmly implanted into the couch. Oh well, as soon as I win the lottery!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More on Michigan's New Man

If nothing else, he is much more of a Michigan Man than RichRod was when he got hired!

So, guarded optimism from me. I know some are excited!

It's Brady Hoke at Michigan!

Have to be optimistic and hope that he can turn it around like he did at Ball State and at San Diego State!

Now that Brett Favre has Retired (for now!!)

Chicago will be getting its long overdue visit from Jen Sterger!!! Brett Favre's bs caused Jenn to cancel her last visit to Chicago! Now is it too much to hope for Jenn's long overdue interview with The K-Line? Yep, it is!

I'm Thinking It's Not Les Miles to Michigan!

Well yesterday, I thought it was a good chance that Les Miles would leave LSU for Michigan. But sources are reporting that Les is staying at LSU. So, where does Michigan turn now? Brady Hoke?