Thursday, May 31, 2012

For Walking Dead Fans This is Geek Heaven!
Walking Dead Preview Weekend

Chicago Tribune's Phil Rodgers on Magglio Ordonez:

1. Magglio Ordonez is going to announce his retirement this weekend in Detroit, and I’m wishing he was doing it in Chicago.

 Ordonez spent 14 seasons in the White Soxorganization, twice as long as with the Tigers. He made his name with the Sox organization and played a huge role in helping the team win 95 games and a Central title in 2000.

Paul Konerko calls him the best all-around player he’s ever played alongside, and that says a lot. It’s a shame that he left here in a bad way -- battling withJerry Reinsdorf and Ken Williams over both his contract demands (through agent Scott Boras) and the best way to rehabilitate a damaged knee, and then engaged in a cat fight with Ozzie Guillen, who in that era was only too happy to reflect management views.

It’s silly that Ordonez became persona non grata when he signed with the Tigers, as their creative offer was a lot better than anything he was given to stay in Chicago.

Ordonez’s departure created salary flexibility that Williams helped turn into multiple players on the way to the World Series in 2005, but Ordonez answered back by leading the Tigers to the Series in ’06. He was second to Alex Rodriguez in MVP voting in ’07, when he won a batting title (hitting .363) and drove in 139 runs.

 Sometimes there’s no way to keep one of your own players when they reach free agency, and Magglio was probably one of those guys. He played only 52 games in 2004 and went against White Sox wishes to have surgery on the knee in Europe, not at Rush.

The icy relationship between Reinsdorf and Boras complicated matters, especially when Ordonez put more trust in his agent than his organization. But his departure didn’t have to be so contentious.

The White Sox could have wished him well, but instead they allowed their fans to see him as a selfish prima donna. That never really was Magglio. He’s a good, good guy.

 The last conversation I had with him was about Robin Ventura being hired as the White Sox’s manager, and Ordonez was pumped. “He’s a great guy,’’ said Ordonez, the Tigers’ right fielder. “He’s a baseball guy ... He helped me a lot. He’s a guy who always helps everyone around him.’’

I said sure, but isn’t it just a wee bit nuts to hire a guy to manage a big-league team when he’s been idling in California for most of his seven years out of uniform, enjoying the good life?

“It’s just baseball,’’ Ordonez said.


Monday, May 28, 2012

White Sox 2 Rays 1

10 out of 11 and 6 wins in a row! Gosh, even the Cubs won!
This time it was pitchers' duel, although Konerko did get a single to keep his hitting streak alive.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Chicago Sports Streaks

A Dozen Defeats for the Cubbies!

Five wins in a row (9 out of 10) for the White Sox!

We Call Him "Paulie" or "The Captain"

with a .399 BA you can call him All-Star or maybe even MVP!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Really screwed up my back (mostly lower back). Not sure if I go to an MD or a chiro. Need something for the pain.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Micaela Schaefer- Can't Believe I never heard of her before!

Thanks for the discovery, HM.

RIP, Kevin Hickey,0,5674663.story

I have to make an exception on my "No White Sox posts" rule because of some very sad news for the entire White Sox family as former White Sox pitcher has died. Most of you have probably never heard of Kevin Hickey. But if you are around my age and a South Sider, you knew him and in all likelihood loved Kevin Hickey. First of all, he was one us, a South Sider. A guy who went to Kelly High School and St. Rita (most of the males in my grammar school went to St. Rita, while I went to rival St. Laurence). And then he made the White Sox! Much like the main character in the movie "Invincible" made the Eagles- at a try out.  He was playing 16-inch softball (in those days in Chicago, when you said "softball" that meant 16-inch softball. I had no idea that you could play a version of softball with a mitt until I went to Duke, and saw HM playing it badly) and semi-pro baseball. From that tryout he made the White Sox. He fell on some hard times after his playing days  until the White Sox hired him as a batting practice pitcher and pitching consultant. He got a World Series ring and at the ring ceremony got as loud a cheer as many of the players (at least from the oldies like me).

Yes, I will be sad today because some one that my dad and I went to see play at the old Comiskey Park has died.
But I have to remember that if a South Side kid playing 16-inch softball can made the majors, then we all have a chance to make something good in this world. South Side!
RIP, Kevin Hickey!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

OK- No More White Sox Posts Until...

they either win 2 in a row or win 2 out of 3 from the Cubbies this weekend. Until then, enjoy the pics!

Off to The Cell! Bulldog on the mound!

And please- always rememebr and never forget- "Detroit Sucks!"