Wednesday, May 16, 2012

RIP, Kevin Hickey,0,5674663.story

I have to make an exception on my "No White Sox posts" rule because of some very sad news for the entire White Sox family as former White Sox pitcher has died. Most of you have probably never heard of Kevin Hickey. But if you are around my age and a South Sider, you knew him and in all likelihood loved Kevin Hickey. First of all, he was one us, a South Sider. A guy who went to Kelly High School and St. Rita (most of the males in my grammar school went to St. Rita, while I went to rival St. Laurence). And then he made the White Sox! Much like the main character in the movie "Invincible" made the Eagles- at a try out.  He was playing 16-inch softball (in those days in Chicago, when you said "softball" that meant 16-inch softball. I had no idea that you could play a version of softball with a mitt until I went to Duke, and saw HM playing it badly) and semi-pro baseball. From that tryout he made the White Sox. He fell on some hard times after his playing days  until the White Sox hired him as a batting practice pitcher and pitching consultant. He got a World Series ring and at the ring ceremony got as loud a cheer as many of the players (at least from the oldies like me).

Yes, I will be sad today because some one that my dad and I went to see play at the old Comiskey Park has died.
But I have to remember that if a South Side kid playing 16-inch softball can made the majors, then we all have a chance to make something good in this world. South Side!
RIP, Kevin Hickey!


HM said...


And, unlike Kevin Bacon's character in "A Few Good Men," I was not a "lousy stinking softball player..."

Al Swearengen said...

They don't make haircuts like that shown in Hickey's 1983 Donruss card. (Thank God.)