Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Current Ranking of White Sox Starting 5

1. Jake Peavy- the undisputed ace of the staff right now. Sick ERA of 1.66. Only lost thus far was a complete game 1-0 defeat to the Red Sox.
2. Chris Sale- Deserved a win in his last outing against the A's. On the mound tonight versus Ubaldo!
3. Gavin Floyd- A great game versus the Red Sox on Sunday.
4. Phil Humber- followed his perfecto with an absolute clunker.
5. Jon Danks- Has maybe pitched one game thus far this season. Can't live off the 2008 Black-out game forever.

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Daniel said...

I've been going back and forth on this but I still think Phil Humber is an underrated pitcher. The rotation looks good and hey, Rios is doing better than last year. Still, I think one big error for the Sox in the last 12 months was trading Edwin Jackson. Big fail.