Friday, October 05, 2012

Things I am Enjoying Right Now

1. Start of the MLB Playoffs (even without the White Sox).
2. Bears at 3-1.
3. Dickhead Schwartz and the Detroit Lions at 1-3!
4. The Big Ten continuing to be the Mediocre 12.
5. This- Very Funny
6. WTF?!The Hogan Family Making You Love Your Family Right Now!
7. Not that Hogan Family!!
8. Stacy Keibler is from Baltimore, she must be an O's fan.. Go Orioles!!


Daniel said...

What's so good about the Big Ten being mediocre?

K said...

Simply because I predicted this pre-season and I was told on numerous occasions that "The Big Ten was much improved this season."

Daniel said...

God it's so miserable. You know what's also weird? How much Arkansas sucks.