Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Ranking the MLB Playoffs Teams Per Rooting Interest

1. Baltimore Orioles- Jim Thome- Not only one of the nicest guys in sport, but a true AL Central guy, having played for the White Sox, Twins and Tribe.
2. Washington Nats- A Nationals v. Orioles World Series would be great (maybe not ratings wise, but who cares!)
3. Atlanta- Always have liked the Braves.
4. Cincinnati- NL Central and Dusty Baker- just want Cubs fans do not want to see! Ha!!
5. San Fran- Great fans. Like them a lot more without "The Beard."
6. Oakland A's- Would like the A's a lot more if it was not for all the "Moneyball "talk that will surface the further that A's advance.
7.St. Louis Cardinals- Again would piss off Cubs fans and that's always nice.
8. Texas Rangers- Nothing against them just not really a fan.
9. NY Yankees- better than the f-ing Tigers and as long as Nick Swisher plays like crap in the playoffs that's a-okay with me.

10. Detroit Tigers- anyone but the Tigers!

Who you rooting for?

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