Wednesday, October 10, 2012

RIP, Jaussy.,0,4444321.story

HM gave me the "Most Likely to be a Cigar Smoking Sportswriter" Award during our last days of law school as a 'tongue-in-cheek" homage to the "Sportswriters on TV" with its poor production values. But, yeah I was a fan of both the TV show nad the radio show.Bill Jauss was one of the guys that didn't smoke a cigar on the show.

Loyola Ramblers games will not be the same without Bill Jauss in attendance. Got to say hello to him and his wife at more than one sporting event. Same time today, I'll hoist a beer or two to one of the guys that nurtured my early love of sports. One of the good guys!

RIP, Bill Jauss.


HM said...

Is Telander the only one now still alive?

I will always think of you when I see these clips!

RIP to a guy who actually got to do what I so badly wish I could have done for a living.

K said...

Pretty sure Telander is the only one still alive.