Sunday, November 18, 2012

Maryland to the Big Ten?!

Len Elmore Rips His Alma Mater!

The ACC would survive Maryland leaving (remember the ACC is adding Syracuse and Pittsburgh- and if Maryland leaves the ACC could add UConn), but is this really a smart move for Maryland. Conference realignment is driven by money and football (not basketball) but what about Maryland's basketball rivalry. Yeah, Maryland is NOT Duke's basketball rival but can you tell me that Maryland fans don't love having Duke visit its campus for hoops?

Rutgers is the other school rumored to being leaving for the Big Ten. Yes another school abandoning the Big East. Good luck with that, Big East!!

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Alon said...

I don't like the expansion. I didn't even like it when Nebraska joined the Big 10, and that kind of made sense since Nebraska is a "heartland" state.