Monday, November 12, 2012

Morning Dose of K

1. Is Mike Leach, fired from Texas Tech because of his abusive coaching tactics, is now being accusedd of the same at Texas Tech
Marquess Wilson Leaves Washington State

2 Lakers go with Mike D'Antoni over Phil Jackson? Hoping HM can explain this one to me.

3. DUKE v. Kentucky tomorrow night. If the Blue Devils do not play markedly better than they did against Georgia State in its opener, this should be a fairly easy double digit victory for the Wildcats. Point Guard play looks like a weakness right now for Duke.

4. Da Bears- well that sucked. Even after 4 first half turnovers and losing Jay Culter at halftime, this was a very winnable game. If Jay is not cleared to play, can the Bears beat San Fran with Jason Campbell at QB?

1 comment:

HM said...

1) Mike Leach - psycho.

2) Duke will get killed. What happened to Alex Murphy? Did he die?

3) Phil wanted too much control over personnel is my guess

4) Da Bears cannot win any game against a good team unless a ball bounces in some bizarre manner, like off some guy's ass and goes right to a Bear who is running in stride toward the end zone. When luck runs out, the Bears have little to offer against good teams.