Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Ripping Lolo Jones because she's a Virgin!!! Really!.

If you are ripping Lolo Jones because she is a virgin, well then you are an idiot- plain and simple.. (Imagine for a moment that's she's your daughter- isn't this a hell of alot better than if she was a slut!).

Look I'm not gonna applaud her for being a virgin and I am not gonna rip her. The fact that she is attractive, all the better!! But can we freaking separate sexual activity from athletic performance.?!

Another reason to not care about the Olympics!!


Thank, Q said...

It's sad that someone has done this. I do think that she's overrated, but that's based on her performance on the track. Her sexual being is nothing I'd hate on at all. I think it should be applauded that she's trying to do things the right way.

K said...

Well said, bud!