Friday, August 31, 2012

Sports Weekend

1. Michigan v. Alabama. Yeah, Bama has to totally reload its defense. But until proven otherwise I got to go with the SEC over the Big Ten. In fact it it always safe to go against the Big Ten. Bama by6

2. Michigan State- Boise State: See above. Don't put too much faith in the Big Ten, it will disappoint you.

3. Tigers- White Sox. Yep, big weekend for these teams. There is more pressure on the Tigers than the White Sox. With a 3 game lead the worst the White Sox can exit this series is ties for 1st. Win 1 or 2 games and the Sox can claim this as a very good weekend. Both teams come limping into this series. The White Sox vets, PK, Dunn and AJ need to step it up. AJ is currrently on a 0-17 skid. Peavy, Liriano and Sale on the mound.

In any case, it's another couch potato weekend. Could use a waitress/maid.

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