Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy Birthday!

A truly great day for birthdays. Not for those celebs that TMZ follows around but much more people that that.
1. The K's Old Man has made it to another birthday. Far from the best of health now a days, I'm lucky for every day he's still here much less another year. You're the best, Pop!
2. Pete- somewhere in London, maybe in a London Pub right now.
3. Tommie Z- yep, his old man will be taking him for his driver's license today!
4. Willie- the only Packers' fan I like. The Young Sports Encyclopedia is still a year away from his drivers' license, but already a ladies' man he hardly needs a car to improve his swag!!

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HM said...

My former relative, Jennifer Garner (my cousin's ex-sister-in-law).