Friday, September 21, 2012


Owly Images

picture, oh wait this is a story about Vince Young going broke!

1. How can you spend $6,000 at TGI Fridays? How many people are in your group? 30? Even then that's a lot of drinks! A huge tip.

2. Didn't Vince Young ever get comped at restaurants or nightclubs!?

3. LenDale White brings his own bottle of Patron to TGI Friday's

4. VY bought out a Southwest plane (except for about 10 seats) for HIMSELF!! Not for an entourage of 120 peoples, but for himself! Why? Rent a jet! Probably cheaper.

5. You can listen to some of the stories about Vince's spending habits.

Unbelievable that no one told him to at least SLOW DOWN on the spending.

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Anonymous said...

He must have tons of Rapid Reward Points--unless he spent those too.