Sunday, February 03, 2013

NFL Hall of Fame

1. Warren Sapp- defensive linemen drafted before Sapp in the 1995 draft: Kevin Carter, Mike Mamula, and Derrick Alexander.
2. Jonathon Ogden- players drafted before Ogden in 1996 draft: Keyshawn Johnson, Kevin Hardy and Simeon Rice.
3. Cris Carter- thank God he made it this year, because I am not sure I could have dealt with another year of  whining and complaining of the travesty of his omission from the HOF.
4. Larry Allen- chosen for the all-decade teams of the 1990s and the 2000s. Just a f-ing stud offensive lineman.
5. Curley Culp- as if I needed another reminder of how old I am, a player I remember watching is an inductee from the veteran's committee.
6. Bill Parcells- no surprise here. Should make a separate category for coaches, owners, etc. Put one in every year without sacrificing another player selection.
7. Dave Robinson- never heard of him, so maybe I am not that old.

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