Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lord Stanley's Cup Returns to Chicago

Last time there was a 49 year wait between Cups. This time 3 years. I like the 3 year wait better.

What does this championship mean for Chicago? Well in a city that prides itself as a great sports city, it certainly mean alot. While we have had other champions; however, except for the Bulls of the 90s, many of those teams, as great as they were, failed to repeat their success:

1985 Super Bowl Bears- a great team that failed to return to the Super Bowl.

2005 White Sox- since that incredible 11-1 post season run, the White Sox have only officially won 1 playoff game (I say officially because the 2008 Blackout game does not count as a playoff victory but it should).

Cubs- ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

But the Blackhawks, first had to shred a lot of contracts because of the salary Cup returns with the same core  players for the most part. Not it wasn't a repeat but with the salary cap, twice in 4 years is pretty amazing. Add to that the incredible regular season run for this team and Chicago can gloat a little!


RKG said...

Out of respect for the Championship (and one helluva season), let me: 1) Say congrats to K and all my other Chicago "friends" (particularly those who assaulted my on Twitter last week after a friendly jibe-- some of you just can't take a joke); and 2) commit to at least 3 more days of silence about the CWS season.

Well. Done. Hawks.


K said...

Had to retweet your tweet about Chicago sports-ha! Knew it would get plenty of reactions. Gotta troll harder than that! The White Sox stink! Time for a fire sale and begin the rebuilding process. But player thus far- Jesse Crain.