Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Ranking MLB Playoff Teams Per Rooting Interest

1. Pittsburgh- "We are family..."
2. LA Dodgers- Juan Uribe! Juan Uribe!
3. Boston Red Sox- A ring for Jake Peavy and Matt Thornton
4. Oakland A's-  Cool unis
5. Atlanta Braves- the South!
6. Tampa Bay- I guess Crain would get a ring on the DL.
7. Cincinnati- Dusty's success still upsets Cubs fans.
8. St. Louis Cardinals- Nothing against them, but enough already.
9. Cleveland Indians- If it wasn't for Nick Swisher, the Tribe would be higher.
10. Detroit Tigers- the sooner they are eliminated the better.

Really, anyone but Nick Swisher or the Tigers will be okay with me.

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