Monday, April 06, 2009


This one was over at the 5 minute mark.

ACC- 4th title this decade.

2000- Michigan State
2001- DUKE
2002- Maryland
2003- Syracuse
2004- UConn
2005- UNC
2006- Florida
2007- Florida
2008- Kansas
2009- UNC
(done from memory, but I'm pretty sure that's right)


HM said...

Correct, sir.

Some comments I read in the paper:

Izzo pre-game to reporters, "If both teams play their best basketball we won't win."

Michigan State player after the game, "They have 6 NBA draft choices on that team. They are awfully tough to beat."

The game was decided back during the Big Ten/ACC challenge. We just didn't know it.

K said...

or maybe we did know it, but we didn't want to admit it.

Al Swearengen said...

Or maybe we'd fallen prey to the deluded notion that Duke was, somehow, still a relevant part of this equation.

It's funny. Now that Duke is irrelevant, Duke supporters are trumpeting the merits of the ACC.

I can candidly state that I've never sung the praises of the Big Ten following a Wisconsin win. I doubt that I ever will.

K said...

Well AS, then you are in the minority. All I heard around here (and maybe it's Illini fans and RKG) is that Michigan State in the Fianl Four shows that the Big Ten is underrated. Illini fans claim to root for Big Ten teams in the tourney. Do you think Duke fans were rooting for North Carolina last night? But in terms of the ACC- not just one team (Carolina) , but three teams in tem years! Big Ten- Michigan State and the 11 wanna-bes. A fact is a fact.

Al Swearengen said...

Illini fans have big hearts (due more to their diets than their good nature).

K said...

You said it not me!

Anonymous said...

I always sing the praises of the Big Ten after a Wisconsin win