Friday, May 01, 2009


WOW! Lacking HM's eloquence, I am not sure where to start, but here goes:
1. Did Rando's "Non-flagrant" foul awake a sleeping giant (Brad Miller)?! Brad Miller may never have another game like yesterday's and that includes pick-up games with his kids.
2. Rando is officially Public Enemy #1 in Chicago. I prefer to simply refer to him as "douche-bag".
3. Joakim Noah "posterizing" Paul Pierce!! Are you kidding me!?
4. Greatest First Round Series ever? Certainly, the most exciting First Round Series, correct?! Vinny's response in the post game news conference: "Best Series I ever coached in!"

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HM said...

Vinnie -- he is just along for the ride, isn't he. Glad he decided to act quickly to stem that 18-0 run.

You certainly have to concede that this is the most competitive NBA playoff series of all-time. And if all you are looking for is competition and even teams, I think you hvae to say it is the best.