Saturday, June 13, 2009


"I wasn't embarrassed," ... "I've done a whole lot of [other] things to be embarrassed about. The run was going to score and a fan got a souvenir. I just made a mistake. I guess I'll be in the bloopers"
Bradley also stated: "I give 250 % on the field."
250 is better than Bradley's current batting average.
Nice use of $30 million, Mr. Hendry!


Al Swearengen said...

Saw that live. I'd never seen anything like it. First, he does an old-school Rickey Henderson showboat catch, but then tosses the ball into the stands as the runners advance.

His play won't gain the renown that Canseco did when the ball bounced off his head, but it is surely an MLB treasure and emblematic of the Cubs' ongoing struggles.

HM said...

Twins announcer Dan Gladden the next day said, "I talked to the folks in Cubs managment the other day about the troubles the Cubs are having. Every one of them pointed at the poor play of Milon Bradley.......At some point doesn't the GM have to step up to the plate and say "I signed Milton Bradley, with his history, to a 3-year deal. That was a pretty dumb move in retrospect."".


K said...

No- instead you blame and fire the hitting coach. The same hittign coach who presided over the best offense int he NL last year!
BTW, Twins can't sweep the Cubs-sad!

HM said...

If you are going to put Jesse Crain into a tie game, I would prefer that you just walk over to the other manager and say, "OK, we lost. I forfeit." At least it is more honest than sending Crain out when his recent ERA is about 15.

K said...

Explain to me how a pitcher shuts out the Cubs at Wrigley and his reward is- being sent down to the minors! ?

HM said...

No idea. It is the ridiculous idea that "well, that guy is a starter, we want him as a starter, blah, blah, blah." Well, yeah, let's pitch Jesse Crain then while we wait for a starting spot to open up.