Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Happy Birthday Paul Giamatti

One of my favorite actors. My top Giamatti roles-
1. Sideways- one of my all time favorite movies.
2. American Splendor- great film and incredible acting
3. Cinderella Man- "Pop.Pop. Bam!"
4. Win, Win.- A very good independent film
5. Private Parts- "Pig Vomit"

HM: Donnie Brasco (bit role as "FBI Technican")
        Barney's Version- An average film but once again     Giamatti is great.


HM said...

Bart Giamatti's son.

He was amazing as John Adams.

K said...

Correct! Mena to watch "John Adams" but can't seem to commit to it. ALso heard good things about "Too Big To Fail." His brother is also an actor.