Tuesday, June 26, 2012

White Sox Wrap-up: Time to Score Some Runs

Well the offense continues its struggles of the last few weeks and Jake Peavy once again received no run support (although he should be thankful for some great defense, especially from Beckham).

A.  DeAza's slump continues and I like the fact that he tried to bunt his way out of it.. He was safe on a close call, so hopefully that will give him confidence to keep battling at it. Having said that, a day off in the next few days might be warranted. It will be good to give Jordan Danks a start. PK could probably use a day off soon with Youk or Dunn getting the start at first.

B. Not sure if Robin will change things up today but I would like to see how this batting order would work today:
1. DeAza
2. Gordon Beckham
3. Youk
4. PK
5. Dunn
6. Rios
7. AJ
8. Dayan
9. Alexei

C. Will Ohman did not totally suck yesterday.  Veteran left handed relievers are not falling off the trading tree and Santiago is going to be up and down. As much as most White Sox fans would like to see him gone, it's not gonna happen for a while. Until then, just keep your fingers crossed while he's in the game.

D. Gavin Floyd on the mound today. Hopefully it will be the Good Gavin (correction, Very Good Gavin) that we saw against the Cubs. Yeah, it was the Cubs but still. And of course, some run support would be great. Time to Score some runs!

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HM said...

Liam Hendricks throws about 88 with no movement and no discernable break on his breaking ball. If your Sox cannot score 6+ runs tonight, they are in a really awful slump.

I predict that the final score will be 10-8 Chicago.