Thursday, July 12, 2012

And Now A Little Bit About Hoops

1. Jabari Parker- considered by most to be the top hoops recruit in the upcoming class, tweeted his top ten schools: UK, Stanford, Michigan State, Kansas, Florida, Duke, BYU, Georgetown, DePaul, UNC. He stated the schools were not listed in any particular order. What school is missing? The University of Illinois!!! Outrage- how could someone from Chicago not include the Illini!!! Worse, he include DePaul but not Illinois. Illini fans, someone does not have to automatically include the "State school" just because he lives in Illinois. You have to do more than just be the "state school"

2. Does the NBA Summer League mean anything? Probably very little at best, but in any case so far Duke's Miles Plumlee is not looking horrible.

3. So at least for now, Dwight Howard is not going to the Nets. Now what?

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