Monday, January 06, 2014

K's Top TV Shows of 2013

Well damn, I watch a lot TV, but this was tough this year except for the first two on the list:

1. Breaking Bad- great final 8 episodes to conclude this series! One of my top ten shows of all time.
2. Mad Men- As usual, failed to disappoint. A return to the "old Dpn Draper" was a treat.
3. Boardwalk Empire- Sometimes when watching this series, you wonder what the hell is going on. But no show does as good a job or wrapping up loose ends at the end of each season.
4. The Walking Dead- the last half of Season 3 and the first half of Season 4.
5. Justified- for me not as memorable as last season, but worked for me.
6. The Americans- toughest part of this show is that you don't want to root for the main characters, Russian spies living in America.
7. Parks and Rec- easily my favorite comedy on network TV.
8. Lilyhammer- On Netflix. (Have not yet watched "House of Cards" or "The New Black is Orange" which made many critics' list). As a huge "Sopranos" fan, love this series. If you liked the Sopranos and you have Netflix, give this a try.
9. Homeland- loved Season 1 of this show. Season 3 was not nearly as good ( and the finale had some big problems) and I fear where this show may be going for Season 4. Still enjoyed it and looked forward to watching it every week.
10. Sports Series: "A Football Life" and "30 for 30" I'm cheating here but, tough! The best "30 for 30" episodes of 2013 were "Big Shot", "Free Spirits", "Youngstown Boys" and "Elway to Marino." The "Steve Gleason" episode of "A Football Life." Also enjoyed "Houston '93" and "Steve Sabol."

Just missed- Veep

Big Disappointment- Sons of Anarchy!


RKG said...

In recognition of your immense expertise, I have now started watching Season 1 of Breaking Bad. I am hooked. No surprise.

K said...

AS you probably know Scott is also a huge fan of the show.