Monday, December 31, 2012

K's Best Shows of 2012

I was going to title this post "K's Favorite TV Shows of 2012" because who am I to say what is the best, I'm this is pure opinion, right? Then, I remembered, it's my blog!! I will avoid too many details on each show in case anyone out there still want to catch up on these shows without readign any spoilers.

Any of my top 5 could have been #1 on my list. Picking #1 was very difficult but I decided to go with-

1. Breaking Bad- What a great season for Walt and friends. Can't wait for the final 8 episodes of this series.

2. Mad Men- one of my favorite shows of all time (up there with Sopranos and Seinfeld), so you know this is going to be high on my list. Season 5 was not as quite as good as Season 4, but still some great television.

3. The Walking Dead- and AMC takes the top three honors. Much more blood and zombies this season and yet the plot lines failed to disappoint.

4. Justified- Another great story line this season culminating with two of UIC Badger's favorite lines of dialogue: "It's a Piggy Bank" and "You dis-armed him!"

5. Boardwalk Empire-  this season was uneven until the last two episodes, which were simply outstanding.

6. Homeland- not as good as season 1, but Season 1 may have been the best show of 2011.

7. Parks and Recreation-  "Ron and Diane" episode with Christie Brinkley playing Jerry's wife! Brilliant!!!

8. 30 Rock- Tina Fey is a genius, that's how we do in Second City Chicago style!

9. Longmire- This one probably surprises you. A & E's series based on "Walt Longmire:" mystery novels series.  Worth a watch.

10. (Tie) Veep, Episodes, and Nurse Jackie (The Premium Cable Sit-Coms)- With no "Curb Your Enthusiam" this year, had to go with these sit-coms. Really liked the dead-pan humor of "Veep" and looking forward to season 2.

Just missed- Sons of Anarchy
                    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
                    Boss (Farewell! Season 2 was much better than 1)
                    Magic City

Finally watched the first 2 seasons of "Games of Thrones." Well I liked it, probably would not cracked my top 20. Liked the first season much more than Season 2. Worst thing about this show- God forbid if you criticize this show to any one who read the books!!! I will say that Peter Dinklage is outstanding on this show. I will give Season 3 a try.

Favorite Late Night Talk Show- Craig Fergy

Favorite Web Series- Comedians In Car Getting Coffee.

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RKG said...

K-- you alive? Sworn off blogging for 2013? I miss the K-Line.