Tuesday, December 18, 2012

No One Is Calling 2009 The Year of the QB

A look back at the QBs taken in the 2009 NFL Draft.

1st Round:

1. Matt Stafford- Injury prone and not exactly performing like a #1 overall pick right now.
2. Mark Sanchez-Positive: Was the QB of the team as it advanced to 2 AFC championship games. Negative: his play the last two years. Today the Jets benched him.
3. Josh Freedman- Has played much better than I thought he would (I predicted he would be a bust), so he has got that going for him.

2nd Round:

1. Pat White- remember Pat White running the Wildcat offense for the Dolphins!? Per Wikipedia, Pat White last played for the Virginia Destroyers of the United Football League.

4th Round:
1. Stephen McGee- a decent QB at Texas A & M. Played a little foe the Cowboys in 2010 and 2011. Dallas cuts him in 2012 and he had a tryout with the Bears. Presently, one of a million free agents out there nto playing for anyone.

5th Round-
1.  Rhett Bomar- drafted by Giants. Member of Giants, Vikings, and Raiders. While with Vikings, arrested in Mankato for alleged third-degree drunk driving. 
2. Nate Davis- drafted by 49ers. Per Wikipedia, he currently plays for the Amarillo Venom, an Indoor American football team in the Lone Star Football League.  Okay.

6th Round-

1. Tom Brandstater- drafted by the Broncos out of Fresno State. Who!? Somehow has been a member of 5 NFL teams, but has far as I can tell never took an regular season NFL snap.
2. Mike Teel- currently QBs coach for Wagner College.
3. Keith Null- started 1 game for the Rams. Threw 5 picks.
4. Curtis Painter- Colts. Had a better NFL career then 6 or 7 of the guys drafter ahead of him. But alas, he also is one of the million free agents out there not playing for anyone.

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