Sunday, December 30, 2012

Ranking NFL Playoff Teams- Per Rooting Interests

1. Indy Colts- this is a great story with Chuck Pagano plus Andrew Luck (almost called him Oliver Luck) with a young team that could be an AFC contender for years.
2. San Fran- gotta root for former Bear and neighbor Jim Harbaugh,
3. Texans- a first time SB winner (never been to a Super Bowl team) would be nice. But this team limped into the playoffs so I won't be betting the house on them.
4. Seahawks- Another team that has never won the Super Bowl.. Russell Wilson!
5. Falcons- Not the most loyal sports fans, but what the hell, let them win it.
6. Redskins- My buddy Bossman deserves a Redskins Super Bowl appearance. Love RG III. Obama probably like the Redskins.
7. Bengals- Nice helmets.
8. Patriots- Tom Brady is still one of the best to ever play at QB.
9. Ravens-I could live with a Harbaugh vs. Harbaugh Super Bowl!
10. Broncos- Peyton is nice story, but damn this team had John Elway. Enough already.
11. Vikings- Beat the Packers again!! That is all. Seriously, otherwise get the hell out of the playoffs.
12. Green Bay Packers- if you have to ask....


Al Swearengen said...

I'm rooting against Jim Harbaugh.

K said...

Big Fan of Killer Ray Lewis?

Al Swearengen said...

No. As far as I can tell, Lewis is a maniac. I don't care for him, and I can't imagine why the media indulges the notion that he's a "good guy" based merely on his play on the field.

As for Jim Harbaugh, however, this is an individual who could be held to a higher standard. A coach need not allow himself to be thrown into bodily fits based on a marginal call. I don't mind Cowher-like anger and yelling, but watching Jim flop around makes me sick. Can you imagine Bud Grant or Tom Landry acting the way Jim Harbaugh acted after the replay call last week (i.e., fitfully causing his hat to turn sideways on his head). He looked like a God-damned fool. I can't stand him. He acts like the prototypical younger brother. His "Fuck, yeah. Fuck, yeah" routine during his handshake with Jim Schwartz was also very offputting. Talk about two assholes who can't even get a handshake right ...

I will say, however, that I do enjoy listening to former Bears QB Jim Miller on Sirius. He's much more metered and analytical ...